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Subj: Re: So I Read Most Of Punisher: Year One. Did Anyone Else Read This?
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Reply Subj: So I Read Most Of Punisher: Year One. Did Anyone Else Read This?
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I got a few issues ( There were only 4 issues, correct? I'm only missing #1 then.), and I thought that it was pretty cool. It was interesting to see Frank on the brink of suicide, and Frank trying to work with the cops to take down criminals, and to do things the legal and "legitimate" way. However, the art wasn't all that good, and it was kind of a turn off. I really only wanted to get the series because of Jigsaw. His inclusion in the series was pretty disappointing, because I thought that he was going to play a larger role, and that they were going to connect him more to Frank. But he was only really in the fourth issue for all of about 5 pages or so, and he didn't really kill anyone important. They had him as a hitman? Anyhow, that part was pretty disappointing. Did Jigsaw ever do anything to leave a permanent mark on Frank? I read that he sliced up Frank's face once. I guess that would qualify. What was up with him and resurrecting Franks family? What did you guys think? I would recommend it, it had a pretty good story, but the artwork-

Year One is one of my favourites, and written by one of my favourite writers - Dan Abnett (who also gave us Eurohit).

I consider it the definative 616 Punisher origin story, and enjoy it because it shows a time when Frank could have been saved from himself and wasnt yet the monster he became, if only the authorities had done more. I think it also takes a very close look at the psychology and morals of the man.

I actually liked the art, and thought it gritty and somewhat realistic. Did you notice that several notable scenes from the 2004 movie were based on this comic?

As for jigsaw, I'm pretty sure that his role in Franks origin had already been established prior to the release of this mini series. Jigsaw wasnt involved in the original shooting, he was hired at a later date to tie up the loose ends, which included killing the mobsters who botched the hit, witnesses, and Frank - the sole survivor. I think that his role is enough to justify his title as Franks nemesis.

Jigsaw did cut up Franks face once whilst they were both in Rykers Island prison. Frank escaped and received experimental plastic surgery to repair the damage, which subsequently turned his appearence into that of an Afro-american male for a short time (that story was exactly as stupid as it sounds).

Jigsaw didnt resurrect Franks family - that was the Hood. Frank killed them again with a flame thrower, which was somewhat controversal as the resurrected Micro later established that Franks resurrected family where the real deal, rather than demons or zombies or souless bodies etc.

What Jigsaw DID do is construct a ruse whereby Frank believed that Maria had survived her second death and was after revenge against him for leaving her horribly scarred. It transpired that it wasnt Maria at all in the end but a psychotic murderer brainwashed into believing she was Maria, and coached so that she could be convincing enough to fool Frank. The was also a sexual element to the plan, which had Jigsaw and Stuart Clarke engaging in sexual acts with this woman and forcing Frank to watch.

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