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I wouldnt. It overshadows and makes redundant what makes Frank so effective and deadly - that being his incredible tactical mind.

Superpowers are a dime a dozen - especially super strength which is the most common and generic of all powers, and characters with that power tend to be potrayed in a fairly banal manner - hit this, throw that, smash that etc.

The best Punisher tales are those that have him vastly outgunned and outnumbered, yet victorious through his ability to adapt and overcome regardless of the odds.

The recent 'Trial of the Punisher' is an excellent example. Frank gets to his enemy whilst stuck in the trial of the century, covered by every manner of security possible, chained to a chair and unarmed. If he had super strength then he probably could have just smashed the wall down, but wheres the fun in that?

Pretty much all of my favourite stories have Frank using his head before his muscles. Hey, I'm not against the liberal application of violence either, but its best when Frank has had to use his head first!

While I wouldn't mind Punisher using high tech weapons and gadgets to take on superpowered inviduals, Punisher's appeal is the fact that he's powerless.
I like brillant, chessmaster Frank, though I don't mind brutish, brawler Frank but always precise and powerless.