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Very good premiere but not without a few flaws.

The art did not do it for me but it wasn't 'bad' per se.

Loved the surfacing 'upside-down' but hated an unsuitable 'day-dream' page of storming the building alone.

Great cover but Frank's actual location/country changes was poorly paced and/or revealed time elapsed.

Intro of the new Howling Commandos was okay but Frank liberally blowing up the building on the sayso of Hector without quadruple checking for danger to civilians was not okay.

"AND I SWAM WAY TOO FAR JUST TO WOUND YOU" was a great line but the act felt a little to bloodthirsty for Punisher maybe more something a ruthless Barracuda would do.


I miss Dad and Dan.

I really enjoyed #1 and #2.

I love the fact that the writer and artist are a couple of gun-nuts and so really make the effort to ensure that Franks equipment is accurately represented.

I also love the premise that Frank is the guy who takes on the villains below the Avengers but above the Police. This is where Frank *should* be operating, and its where most of his greatest stories exist. I'm sick of people trying to shoe-horn Frank so that he fits into a world of superpowers, instead of just writing him at what he does best.

I'm very happy with the addition of what looks like an extended cast (Sam, Tuggs, Loot etc), and I also intrigued to see what this new iteration of the Howling Commandos will be capible of and why they are hunting Frank.

Also, I'm delighted by the very strong suggestion that Nick Fury (the REAL Fury, not that Disney-madated imposter!) will probably be appearing the title in the near future.

I like the art, although there are numerous panels where it appears a little sloppy.

Overall, this is exactly the kind of Punisher title I want to be reading.