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Marvel should do something about the artwork and colours ASAP as it was servicable at best.

And get better enemies than AIM too. They are so 'overdone' as foils in too many titles concurrently and disjointedly.

More exposition on the Howling Commandos would have been better than the less that we get - they are actually the intriguing element.

Punisher in a mask? Huh, his future defense attorneys will love that. Too little too late IMO.

What happens wo Officer Sammy Stone is interesting for now. Tuggs a little less so. Enter: "Loot", heh, a sidekick Coyote could be fun for awhile. But, overall, the shoot em up content and Frank's characterization was fine.

Turn to the last page of The Punisher #2 to see the surprise return of a certain Spidey-pertinent A-Lister face off against Castle!
SPOILER: The Return of Electro!

I miss Dad and Dan.

I liked the writing and the art and great deal more than you did.

Plenty of action and humor. Humor, besides pitch black humor, it's been a while since we've seen that. Clean storytelling. High body count.

Looking forward to the Howling Commandos confrontation.

I like the presence of AIM. A nice connection to the Marvel Universe.

This series is two in two for me.