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Subj: Re: How should Captain Marvel save Spider-Woman's baby?
Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 at 04:44:03 pm EST (Viewed 109 times)
Reply Subj: How should Captain Marvel save Spider-Woman's baby?
Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 at 12:29:27 pm EST (Viewed 238 times)

    Meanwhile over in Spider-Woman #3, Jessica is still one among many pregnant aliens being held hostage in a trapped Hospital Station built inside of a Black Hole. The plot device premise is that it cannot be accessed via special portals apparently because of Skrulls. It appears that Captain Marvel's Alpha Flight Space Station have a Maternity Office and/or a Field HQ Building with Teleport Tech to get to AFSS; it is possible that Jess just teleported to the HQ in #1 - it was annoyingly unclear. Anyways, the AFSS normally have portal access to the Hospital Station that have been sabotaged by the bumbling Skrulls in order to kidnap a Skrull Prince with Space Cancer. Not 100% sure if the Skrulls used the portals or special space ships to get there but the gist is there is no way for Carol to get in and rescue Jess. So, she spends the issue apologizing instead, for tricking her to go offworld to give birth. Best friend, indeed. Spider-Woman handles herself admirably until her water breaks on the last page.

    Aaanywaaays, my question is: How many viable solutions can Our Esteemed Xeno-affairs Directrix should have considered to get into the "locked room" before the "Spider-baby" arrives?

Pretty dumb to have a maternity ward anywhere off world, especially if it were anywhere near a black hole, and sending expecting mothers off world should be criminally negligent.

Honestly, between this and Civil War 2, this just might be Carol's single worst year ever.

    • Contact Dr.Strange? Or even bring in more Canadian superheroes like Talisman and her hocus pocus or Shaman and his Deusexmachina Medicine Bag or Snowbird and her godly connections?

Anybody, I suppose.

    • Contact Pym who is expert on Infinite Mansion Magic Door tech? Or any other from long (acquaintence) list of Earth geniuses?

Have you seen Pym? He's wearing Ultron as a suit of armour. Doesn't sound good and trustworthy.

    • Throw readers a bone and finally discover/reveal who the father is for him to find/help out?

I doubt he would be of much help, whoever he is.

    • Contact The Ultimates?

Maybe Nu-Galactus can un-black the hole and save everyone.

    • Contact A-Force's Singularity?

Plot device? Meet plot device. I still want to know where Singularity's zombie horde went.

    • Contact Manifold or Starbrand?

Manifold, the guy who can teleport anywhere? Yup, sounds like an idea. Of course, the writer just wants there to be a reason why this cannot be worked around, so don't worry about solutions. It'll work itself out when the plot says so.

    Is there anyone else she might contact or MU artifact she should have access to get her inside? Or WHY not just Binary Up? That identity was all about manipulating and traversing thru Black Holes, wasn't it?

Yes, black holes should be a piece of cake for Carol. She actually gets more powerful when in them.

This really doesn't sound like that big of a problem.

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