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Subj: Re: CBR article about Captain Mar-Vell
Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 at 05:31:19 pm EDT (Viewed 161 times)
Reply Subj: Re: CBR article about Captain Mar-Vell
Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 at 04:11:39 pm EDT (Viewed 181 times)

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    It seems they also think that Marv is the most likely "internet breaking" icon to return in Legacy

    They of course give the reason why he shouldn't and of course that reason is how he died, and I have to disagree with that.

    Was Captain America or Bucky cheapened when Bucky was restored as the Winter Soldier? No. Many good stories came from that.

Bucky absolutely. And it devalued Heinrich Zemo as a villain. Now he doesn't have a great win in his column. And putting Helmut Zemo into Bucky's orbit ruined my favorite character Helmut after YEARS of quality character development in Thunderbolts. Just...ruined.

I hate Bucky.

    Was Jean Grey cheapened when she was brought back WAAAAY back when X-factor first started? Nope. Many good tales of her adjusting to being back, Cyclops being married to Madelyne, etc came from that. Now constantly making her the Phoenix and killing her and bringing her back ad nauseum, okay that gets cheap.

Absolutely. Years of horrible stories about Maddie Pryor, her whiny daughter from the future, Cable, Stryfe, Nate much horrible stuff awaited after she popped out of that cocoon. But I was fine with bringing her back because she was a founding member of a super hero team. I have a crazy rule where I don't think that any death like that should ever be done permanently. The death that stuck what 10 years back is the one that really bothered me.

    has Magneto been cheapened by all his apparent deaths and returns? yes. While there are some good stories that have from it, the character has been cheapened.

    Has the Red Skull been cheapened? hard to say. He is the ultimate nazi/ratzi and an insidious evil. I hope he is finally done though as of Secret Empire, but I doubt it.

I don't think you can cheapen a character like RS that has nothing going for it to begin with. But maybe that's just me.

    Apocalypse: with all his origins and returns? yeah he's cheapened.

He's always sucked IMO.

    In the right hands, many good stories about Marv and his return and its impact on Earth, the Kree, and universe itself can be told.

Sure why not. I'm not invested one way or the other. I always loved his Kree costume and his gig as a mole on earth...I never cared for him as an actual super hero or whatever cosmic role Eon gave him.

    Also the CBR article points out that Marv was created 50 years ago and is likely to have a role in Carol's origins in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, so we have the golden anniversary of his creation and a movie coming.

It would be crappy to exclude him from the movie. To me it would be a bit revisionist to make it look like Carol was this great character in her own right like say Wonder Woman and make her this feminist icon. Nah Carol stood on Marv's shoulders. She owes her success to a man.

    Also I will again point out he was the first hero to stop Thanos back when he was wielding the cosmic cube.

I don't want to even see Thanos in the movieverse. Sigh.

    Also Marvel states there is room for the new characters and the Legacy characters so that includes Mar-Vell unless hypocrisy rears its head.

Well we know that's a lie. There's been a conspiracy to sideline several classic characters and replace them with new diversity friendly characters.

    If they can bring Bucky back and make it a good story, they can do it with Captain Mar-Vell!

I hate Bucky! Personally I'm indifferent to Marv coming back. I'd rather have Gwen Stacy back. If I can't have Spider-Man with MJ then Gwen's the only alternative I'll accept. I never liked her being killed off to teach Peter a morality lesson. I'd like to see Gwen explored as something other than a prop in Peter's f*cked up life and get some depth.

    Also the article fails to mention the times Marv briefly was brought back only to return to being dead.

    But it also gives a good summary of the trademark history.

Gwen Stacy....okay I can see her return as being internet breaking.

However her death did signal the end of the bronze age of comics (or was it silver?) and it showed that sometimes the innocent do perish.

Also one of CBR's comic legends files confirms that Gwen was cloned back due to the extreme backlash of killing her off in the first place.

Now the first Clone Saga was nice, but all subsequent clone stories including Slott's latest garbage fest have cheapened the concept of a Gwen clone and clones in general.

Well Heinrich still has a win in that he removed Captain America and Bucky from the playing field as it were even if they both ended up surviving they were out of the final days of the war and the aftermath.

Madeline Pryor became a retconned mess, I was glad when the finally killed her off. If you are referring to Rachel Summers, isn't she the daughter of Scott and Jean? I seem to recall her once hearing how Jean was dead at the time and freaked out as she was her mother. This was shortly after she was brought in.

Cable, a character that started good and became a mess from bad stories. Same with Stryfe, and Nate Grey but I don't think it is right to tie them to Jean's rebirth in X-factor #1.

Yes Carol does owe her life and powers to Marv many times over. Has she grown out of his shadow? Sure. But she still owes her super powered origins to him.

Yes the line about Legacy and new characters coexisting is likely a lie, but we shall see

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