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Subj: Re: CBR article about Captain Mar-Vell
Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 at 09:02:48 am EDT (Viewed 114 times)
Reply Subj: Re: CBR article about Captain Mar-Vell
Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 at 05:09:54 am EDT (Viewed 141 times)

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    It seems they also think that Marv is the most likely "internet breaking" icon to return in Legacy

Hmmm, they might be a bit overenthusiastic about the impact.

I have nothing against Mar-Vell. He is a good character but he has always been in the shadow of the much more famous Fawcett Captain Marvel.

Actually, Stan Lee only created the Marvel character to prevent other publishers from keeping the rights to the name for themselves.

Correct. Mar-Vell was initially created so that Marvel could obtain, secure and retain the trademark to publish a book titled Captain Marvel.

Odds of DC ever selling or leasing Shazam/Captain Marvel to Marvel Comics: zero. DC still considers him to be a rip off of Superman.

Marvel must publish a book titled Captain Marvel every few years, even if it is a one shot or a mini series to retain the trademark.

Here's the problem though: they were essentially written into a corner with how Mar-Vell died. If a hero dies from bullets, bombs, lasers, teleporter error, etc, they usually can be brought back with minimal trouble. Marv dies in bed from a disease and goes into the light.

That is a little tricky to reverse. Now that they can't do it, they simply have been loathe to do it.

Let's look at Marv's replacements:

1. Monica Rambeau: a bit overpowered, was eventually depowered for awhile and had to leave the Avengers. Status: semi retired, used as name holder for the Captain Marvel name if no one else is using it. Genis and later Carol Danvers visit her about using the name.

2. Wendell Vaughan/Quasar. The next protector of the universe, he never took the name captain marvel but he was still having to live with Marv's legacy and legend as the Protector. For a time, he even had a Mar-Vell inspired costume until he thwarted his universal threat then made his own costume Status: semi-retired due to SJW reasons

3. Genis: son of Mar-Vell. Had a fine series until editorial sabotage came along. Status: dead

4. Phyla: daughter of Mar-Vell, called herself Captain Marvel for about a minute. Was scoffed at by Thanos and editorial decree mandated she never take the CM name. Status: dead

5. Captain Skrull-Vell: skrull copy programmed with Marv's memories, does not make him Mar-Vell. Status: Dead and good riddance

6. Carol Danvers: met Marv when he was an alien spy. Unrequited love/sexual tension exists between them. Gained her powers during a fight between Yon-Rogg and Mar-Vell when Kree energy caused Marv DNA and powers to imprint upon her DNA. If memory serves there is a comic legend that she would have been Phoenix before it was set to Jean Grey. Note that Carol's Binary form does look a bit like the Phoenix. After some years she gets to briefly meet Captain Skrull-Vell and was fooled like everyone else. Then later meets the real Marv after the Phoenix revived him. Marv gives himself back to the Phoenix to save the Kree and is dead again. Carol is inspired to take his name. Status: active

Status of Mar-Vell: died of cancer. Been seen in flashbacks or occasional ghost appearance. Also alternate universe versions have been seen. Briefly revived via the reality Gem by Thanos and sent back by Thanos. Briefly returned in Chaos War when Death fled the universe, however he and the others were still dead and he was killed again in that fight thus avoiding being revived by Hercules. revived by part of the Phoenix in avengers vs X-men, but the Cancer cells were stated to be in stasis which was the immediate clue that he was going to die again. Becomes dead again after giving the Phoenix energy back but his body soft landed on a planet and plant life began growing around him. A Star Trek Genesis Planet effect perhaps? could this still revive Mar-Vell?

Overall Marvel hasn't had the best of luck with replacements for Marv. Genis and Carol are the only ones that have had success.

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