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Subj: Re: CBR article about Captain Mar-Vell
Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 at 09:02:15 pm EDT (Viewed 157 times)
Reply Subj: Re: CBR article about Captain Mar-Vell
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      Was Captain America or Bucky cheapened when Bucky was restored as the Winter Soldier? No. Many good stories came from that.

    Can't say I like anything about the Winter Soldier stuff. And now, he's turned into an unused character.

        has Magneto been cheapened by all his apparent deaths and returns? yes. While there are some good stories that have from it, the character has been cheapened.

      I disagree. He's only gotten better.

          Apocalypse: with all his origins and returns? yeah he's cheapened.

        Eh. He always was cheap.

    But as for Mar-Vell, nothing regarding him will ever break the Internet because Mar-Vell was never, ever anything more than a 3rd rate character. The best thing that ever happened to him or with him was his death. And I like the guy.

I wasn't someone who grew up with Mar-Vell. I think he was dead by the time I got into comics (or died around that time). But eventually I went back and reread his original series and was bored by almost all of it. I loved that first year or so when had the Kree uniform, was using the Walter Lawson identity and was a Kree spy who slowly learned to love earth...but the stuff people like about him like when he was changed by Eon, became a hero, merged with Rick Jones, fought Thanos...that stuff kinda bored the hell out of me. Those last couple years of his solo comic were a real slog to get through.

I don't really get WHY people like him as much as they do or why there is such a heated debate on whether to bring him back or not. He was only just ok.

When he was the Kree Spy the stories were good for the most part, the art at times though....but sagging sales forced a revamp.

Basically when Mar-Vell was first created, while they had some ideas for stories his sole function was to retain the trademark for Marvel.

But the book was cancelled twice and Marv and Rick's story was apparently resolved in the Avengers kree/Skrull war story (classic!)

Then Marvel resumes the book and then after a few issues Jim Starlin comes along. He slowly but surely starts building up the impending fight with Thanos then gets Marv to evolve and change his ways and become something better, The Protector of the Universe.

Starlin brought in two interesting concepts: Protector of the Universe and Cosmic Awareness. However Starlin left the book to work on Adam Warlock, another character that was floundering and Marvel didn't know what to do with. Warlock becomes basically a cosmic/mystic warrior under Starlin.

Marv's subsequent adventures didn't really explore the Protector or Awareness much, it was about his mission that brought him against the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree for the fate of Rick, Earth and the cosmos itself. After some other adventures, Marv and Rick finally separate into two beings again. Then came the second Thanos war that Marv assisted with and ends with Warlock turning Thanos to stone.

Marv then has to team with an angry Drax to stop Thanos' legacy within the Isaac Computer, then Marv gets ill and dies.

Starlin brought in some great concepts but they were not fleshed out and developed, then Marv dies. A tier 3 character that perished a noble death but a unique one among comic characters, via cancer.

I see a character that had a lot of untapped potential that was killed off in a definitive way that put him for years on the "do not revive list" that once contained Bucky and Uncle Ben.

Then there is Richard Ryder/Nova. For years a Tier 3 character, his first series ended in 24 issues as it was getting good, had a wrap up in Fantastic Four, then the character is retired in issue 24 of ROM. Ryder gets his pwoers back and joins the New Warriors aka Titans Ripoff but is still a Tier 3 character like Marv and Warlock were until Annihilation came along and Richard evolves, matures and grows up. He learns to see the bigger picture as far as the cosmos goes and was doing great until the whole cancerverse crap. Now he appears to be back but I didn't read those issues as the latest Nova series in general was awful.

The debate about Marv coming back to me at least, simply boils down to how he died. How does he come back that doesn't cheapen his death? What is the great need that prompts him to finally return? Sure Eternity could snap his fingers and forcibly restore Marv to life, but I don't think Marv or Lady Death would all that thrilled. The Living Tribunal could easily do it and Death couldn't complain. The Reality Gem can and has done it, so could the Cosmic Cube. So can the Phoenix.

So could altering time so that he wasn't exposed to the gas, but the paradox effect would be bad.

Basically what I see is a universal threat attacking Earth, the heroes put up a valiant effort but are being defeated. Some heroes are captured others are "killed". Captain America is trying to rally the remaining heroes, even wielding THOR's hammer again. But everyone knows that even with Cap with the power of THOR isn't enough and that hope is all but lost. In the hereafter, Marv's cosmic awareness has been alerting him to what is occurring and he begins to feel that perhaps he should return at last. Eternity and Death agree that a champion....a PROTECTOR is needed again, thus Marv is reborn. A new, hale and healthy body, his awareness and photonic energy absorption powers are still with him, but this time he gains the Quantum Bands that all previous protectors have worn.

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