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Subj: Re: Champions #12: PBP...
Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 at 01:56:41 pm EDT (Viewed 112 times)
Reply Subj: Champions #12: PBP...
Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 at 05:42:05 pm EDT (Viewed 154 times)

    00 Perfect cover - to this... average adventure with the... unconvincing team (that they keep telling us is Marvel USA's fan-favorite).

It certainly ranks up there for me. I think I like it more than USAvengers or Uncanny Avengers. I just don't care much for the Champions stories.

    01 This opening teaser splash page theme that's been going on has been... colorful but hardly inviting as the opening splash pages of yore. Gardner Fox's exciting splash page run for DC's JLA jumps to mind for some reason as one easy example. These have been more poser pieces, a showcase for the artist to be sure, but hardly any grabber content. Maybe not entirely vapid but certainly A wanting, if not easy, opening in media res page of the 20 to script. At least this one, readers could infer that their pact would revolve around Cyke and his lashing out on the cover - compare, to say, issue #9 that was much more vapid.

    Recap Page: For no given or good reason there is not any recap. Boo.

    02 Karaoke downtime in HQ. Champions have an HQ? Where, Cho's Olympus Group? Wait... page 9 confirms it is. Guess'll have to Google city & state, though - can't remember and it doesn't say. (Guess readers have to CONTINUE to ignore Tyke's easypeasy commute from Madripoor to be a regular on this team.) Downtime, after what? They don't even MENTION that Secret Empire is over. Sheesh. The music? THAT Mariah Carey song is a popular choice for this crew? Huh. At least all the players start off spot on.

Really don't know how Tyke is juggling Champs and X-Teens.

Nothing really special about Boulder, Colorado for story purposes. It's a big tourist/ski city.

Yeah, PreviewsWorld had this listed as a Secret Empire tie-in, but it wasn't.

    -So, the Champions have a peaceful Halloween under their belts, after only 12 issues elapsed, and they trick or treated together in an untold tale. Seems like a lot of unnecessary timeline tweaking to work in one panel gag. Why not just say it was a costume party? Elvis, Thing, Viking, Spaghetti, okay nice but why was Miles mocking Scott 'cuz his Test Tube Vial costume was much more crappy than a classic Moustache.
    -Neat detail that Viv has a 24/7 built in monitor duty program.

I'm sure a Halloween could have fit between one of the early issues, especially if SE lasted months.

    -Revolving Door Return of Psycho-Man. (BTW, is this the fisrt appearance since Incursion not counting this week's non-canon back in Inhumans OAFK#2?)
    -THREE hours for Champs to get to Colorado?! Or, though doubtful, have they been fighting awhile? No other security agengies or superteams in all that time? What was the villain doing for alllll that time?

First time Psycho-Man's appeared since the end of FF.

3 hours later, they're fighting him, so that includes unimportant commute time plus infiltration and more fighting.

    08 Good, spot-on character summary of classic Scott Summers.


    10 Bad, miscommunicated character summary of young Scott Summers. This is maddening motivation Marvel is shoving on us and Tyke. It is established, ATM, that the O5 are in fact NOT from the prime timeline past afterall. There is NO reason to categorically assume that that young Scott will kill his timeline's Xavier or even to generally and organically evolved into the older version of himself that he met.

Just because they're not from the prime timeline doesn't mean it can't or shouldn't be a motivation, just like Rachel's future motivates the X-Men. But yeah, this Scott shouldn't think adult "616" is going to be him.

    11 Well, the people shoudl be scared with those ruby quartz goggles being so loose fitting. And the "pity party" about not being able to see kindness in someone else's eyes is really pushing it - he can see them, just tinted red! And remind me if we ever saw Classic Cyke cry tears on panel? It's hard to believe Tyke has never yet cried AT ALL.

I'm sure we've seen Scott cry lots.

    19-20 The aftereffect of involuntary unbridled destructive outlash of the emotional gamut cause in this scenario is... memory loss. Isn't that convenient. Poor Sue had to remember everything her Malice did. So, is this more of "don't burden Banner with what rampage damage Hulk did" kindness that Champs do? However, if there's meant to be an A.A. parallel in this - then it's really a disservice (cruelty?) that the Champs clam up, isn't it?

Don't think so. It's probably for the best.

Like I said, don't care for their stories. The team interaction is great though.

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