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Subj: Re: My current list of the "internet breaking" icon return in Legacy
Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 at 09:45:57 am EDT (Viewed 119 times)
Reply Subj: Re: My current list of the "internet breaking" icon return in Legacy
Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 at 08:34:29 am EDT (Viewed 136 times)

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    So my current list of suspects are:


    1. Captain Mar-Vell we are approaching the 50th anniversary of his creation and he is expected to appear in the Carol Danvers CM movie in some capacity.

I'm fine with it if they do but I'm also not dying to see it either. I think I've always seen your point that the cancer death was a cop out. Personally I just want them to retire the name and force Carol to wear the black Ms. Marvel costume with the lightning strike again. That's all I want out of the long inspiring Marvel legacy is Carol wearing that costume.

None of the later Captain Marvel's have really been that good

    2. I can't believe I didn't think of this one earlier.....especially since his creator just died. The one and only, the most over-hyped, most over-used, and most badly used at times mutant in the Marvel Universe..............that's right bub! I speak of....WOLVERINE!

I hate Wolverine but I will take Wolverine over 4 Wolverine knock offs where one's a bastard, one's a clone and two are from alternate timelines.

I wouldn't be excited to have him back but maybe his return will herald the end of the ersatz characters that have been replacing the originals lately.


    3. original Nick Fury, the whole story of him killing Uatu and taking his place was so stupid. I can see his return breaking the internet with all the "whitewashing complaints"

This needs to be fixed. I'm not even a Nick Fury fan. But that whole story was wrong.

I blame Uatu's nephew Aron. He was behind it somehow.

    4. The Fantastic Four

Needs to happen sooner rather than later.

    Honorable listing goes to Gwen Stacy and Uncle Ben, either of them returning would ignite serious flames on the internet, but it would be so stupid to bring either back.

I would buy it if it was Gwen. Without MJ Gwen's the only good love interest Peter had IMO.

I would buy it also if it was Ben. Because they would be setting fire to the Marvel Universe and I would want to see how it all burns down. Some ideas are so bad you secretly want to see how they play out when acted on. And I hate that old bag May...I'd much rather Peter have Uncle Ben than May. Ben is his blood relative.

Carol could change costumes and keep the CM name if Marv doesn't return.

They can't retire the name Captain Marvel though, Marvel must publish a book titled Captain Marvel at regular intervals, or lose the trademark and you just know DC comics would love to get that trademark back.

Now if Marvel and DC could somehow strike a deal so that Marvel gets Shazam.....I know that DC thinks he is a Superman ripoff and long ago the courts agreed but how many Superman ripoff/analogs/inspired characters does Marvel have?

1. The I hate that character.

2. All the versions of Hyperion

Squadron Supreme is just a grim version of the Justice League, and DC knows it.

As to Marv's death being a cop point was that marvel was backed into a corner due to how he died. Bringing someone back that died the way he did takes some work, unlike many of the other revivals of other characters that happened over the years. They've tried to replace him with mixed results, and in two of his brief returns he has chosen to stay dead. It's time for Marv to choose life again.

As to Wolverine, well his return is due. I think Marvel has gotten the most mileage they can from his demise, time to revive him.

Classic Nick Fury: the story that gave us his son, Nick Jr, was so contrived and so blatantly shoved Sam Jackson Nick Fury and Coulson into the MU that I just wanted to puke. I pointed out then and now that it was Marvel forcibly changing things to adjust to the movies, much low how when Sam Tami did his Spidey movies, Spidey gained organic web shooters in the comics.

Then we get the stupid story how original Nick Fury kills the Watcher and whispers a dirty secret to THOR that strips him of his hammer. Ugh.

If the original Gwen Stacy ever were brought back......the internet would surely collapse from all the flame wars that will occur.

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