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      I have the feeling that Silver Surfer & Galactus belong so much to the FF family of characters that the Surfer is quite different from Mar-Vell & Adam Warlock. Right from the start, he was defined by what Stan Lee & Jack Kirby made of him. On the contrary, the iconic versions of Mar-Vell & Adam Warlock come from Jim Starlin, even though Stan Lee created both of them.
      (By the way, I think that Jim Starlin never managed to write a likable Silver Surfer.)

    I usually complain that Starlin can only write for Warlock and Thanos. But his Surfer was fine I guess. But it was because he was caught up in the Thanos/Warlock drama I guess. His dealings with Thanos and Warlock in his solo series were pretty interesting. But once Infinity Gauntlet was over Silver Surfer's series stopped being interesting. (ok the later Morg stuff by Ron Marz was interesting...but that was about it IMO)

The Silver Surfer becomes more interesting the more he distances himself from Galactus. I don't know why some writers feel the need to bring the two back together. I would use Galactus as an occasional villain for the Surfer but I would never under any circumstances put Norrid Radd back in the herald role. That ship has sailed. Nobody cares about it, and nobody even believes Norrin Radd could still, today, put up with the moral dilemma. What to do with Norrid Radd, then? Find ways for him to save the universe or at least the galaxy, with Warlock and Mar-Vell at his side. Make them a team, Each would still have unique supporting characters and unique demons from the past, as one would expect in any good team book, but together they would own the universe-saving gig. Sure, Thor would help on occasion - and Thor has always been most interesting to me when dealing with cosmic threats - and the Guardians of the Galaxy would inevitably pop up. But the core would be the Big Cosmic Three, as it always should have been.

But none of that will happen. Because despite having access to extra-terrestrial super-science, the power cosmic, the soul gem, and entities like Eon, cancer just can't be cured. (Sigh.)


      Actually, Mar-Vell & Adam Warlock have (too ?) much in common : similar faces, hair color, haircut, characters (Thanos, Eros, Drax), existential questioning, both are cosmic messiah-type characters ...

    I've never seen them as particularly similar. They just know the same people.

I agree. Their personalities are worlds apart, as are their histories. They look similar because the same artist was drawing them and because they both have wavy 1970s blonde hair. That they're both messiah types is the whole point of my argument. They belong together for exactly that reason. Meanwhile the Silver Surfer was initially the very opposite of a messiah figure. Nowadays, to me, he's a bit of an antihero trying to redeem himself. During the Stan Lee/John Buscema run he was, if anything, a martyr who flirted with becoming a messiah but could never get it right. He had his Pontius Pilate, his Caiaphas and his King Herod (plenty of variations on those themes though I'd have to re-read the stories to give you the names) but he had no followers, no Apostles. His message was just ineffectual whining. ("Why can't mortal man learn to live in peace?") As a Christ figure he was an abject failure. He never made a dent in Mephisto's long term plans, though he managed to frustrate the guy on occasion. And all of this is good! It's part of his character. It makes him complex. He can blow asteroids to smithereens but he can't figure out how to save even one world from itself.


      It may explain why Jim Starlin decided to resurrect Adam Warlock more than once and why he left Mar-Vell dead once & for all. Not only a superhero definitely dying from a cancer was a novelty but, if a main character was needed later for future stories, he could always use Adam Warlock instead of Mar-Vell as the protagonist.

    except Adam doesn't have much to do with Eon, Carol, the Kree or Rick Jones. There are plenty of characters they don't have in common as well I guess.

Certainly. Their histories are very different. Even if we think Carol or Rick Jones are boring in this context (and I definitely do) the Kree (especially the Supreme Intelligence) and Eon are not boring at all. Mar-Vell has two separate cosmic muses, each with its own agenda, each keeping plenty of cards under the table. What happens when these two disagree with one another? What happens when they don't?

Adam Warlock's initial demise seemed permanent but the fact that he was drawn into his own soul gem by his past self meant that there was a loophole for his return.

Marv's death didn't have such a loophole and his return will take some work. As to cancer not being able to be cured, well I have posted ways they could have helped Marv, but the point of the story was his death and how there are times that death cannot be avoided. point taken, Starlin. We get it, we got it, we understand.

Time for Marv to return.

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