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    But yes, that really was Mar-Vell that he revived with the gem.

Having just read the issue, I'm even more convinced there's more (Or maybe less) than meets the eye going on here.

Marv never mentions 'cosmic awareness' at any time during the encounter. That's not to say he's NOT using it, but it seems to be functioning more like telepathy here, and telepathy strong enough to reach Thanos' subconscious, which I'm not sure it's capable of. It's always seemed more akin to Spider-Man's spider sense, though with a much greater 'reach' than telepathy. Although again, I could well be wrong here.

Either way, Marv knows EXACTLY what's going on in THANOS' mind, even things Thanos refutes. But perhaps the key to all this is something Thanos says in his opening exchange with Marv: "My merest whim is given substance". What was Thanos' wish here? To be talked out of changing reality? Then his wish came true.

But this always has been, and always will be a problem when we're dealing with concepts such as 'reality gems' and 'cosmic awareness'. They're ill-defined, airy-fairy metaphysical ideas that tell you nothing, or next to nothing about what's actually going on.

It's a problem I've had for a long time with Starlin's work, and why I find him difficult if not impossible to read (I try to avoid him as much as possible). He writes very good first and second acts, but then invariably reaches for the supernatural/metaphysical in the third act. The ultimate expression of this comes in the series 'Marvel: The End', where Starlin writes himself into a corner again, and this one is such an impossible situation to resolve that he has to appeal to god to step in and put the universe to rights.

Anyway, in summary it may well have been the 'real' Captain Marvel in CPU #1, but I think that there's enough evidence to cast serious doubt on it, and I have to reserve judgement until better evidence comes in either way.

Well I did point out in another thread that Marv's pwoers were never fully defined and explored.

For instance, it somehow became the belief that his "photonic powers" came from the nega bands and that isn't right.

The nega bands let him tap cosmic energies and give flight and boost his strength, but the photonic power comes from an ability he gained to absorb energy from light sources, mainly the sun. he would then used tat energy to fly rather then the nega bands, hence the sparkle trail, fire energy beams and boost his strength even more. But his upper limits were not established despite having fought Drax the Destroyer to a stand still on two occcasions and Drax at that time had power to rival Thanos.

Cosmic Awareness: apparently it is a cosmic version of the spider-sense but it also lets one apparently access knowledge of what could be/might be/actually is (from Genis series) and to perceive weaknesses and strengths in the foes Marv faces and thus know when to strike.

That was shown when he fought the Controller and later battled Thanos before he used the Cube, and later to divine how to stop Thanos after Thanos used the cube.

is it insight? is it telepathy? is it somehow linked to Eternity? I don't know because they never really took the time to develop Marv's powers.

But in CU#1, Marv states it was Thanos that helped Marv to accept Death, thus indicating that his final fight in DoCM did in fact occur and that Marv was resolved to being dead, hence why he hasn't returned. That sentiment would later occur again in Avengers vs X-men after the Phoenix briefly revived him. He stated at least twice "I didn't miss life", but he wasn't overly angry at being back either. To me that indicates a conflict within Marv, he still will enjoy being alive when brought back, but he still longs for the peace of the hereafter.

it comes down to choice. Marv once had to CHOOSE a new path and become the Protector and renounce his past. Marv at the end CHOSE to accept the kiss of death rather then fight on for his life. Marv chooses the peace of the hereafter. until he changes his mind and chooses life again, he won't be back unless forcibly revived again.

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