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    So despite the advertisements and cover showing Marv with blonde hair, this story shows us that Carol has been sent into the Negative Zone, and meets Marv at a time shortly after he was blasted into the negative zone and before he gained cosmic awareness.


    Despite the fact that Marv appeared to be wearing Nega bands, he referenced his attacks as coming from his old Kree Unibeam, the weapon he had back when he was in his old green/white Kree uniform, a weapon that was abandoned after he gained the Nega Bands.

Y'mean Tony Stark copied his patented UNIMBEAM name from an existing canon precidented name?! Hmmph. Can anyone cite and ish of that term used by him in his volume 1 run?

    Also despite wearing the nega bands, Marv borrowed an alien jet belt for flight, when at this point he should have been able to fly without such technology due to the bands.

That was dumb. No-Prize: temporary residual after-effect of Myndon dampener tech?

    This is clearly shortly after he was linked to Rick because when Marv recaps his life we do see a scene of him saving Carol from the exploding Kree device that empowered her. So he should have been flying and blasting with the power of the nega bands, not a jet belt and not a unibeam.

Ah. Was curious. Thanks for the supposition.

    Also the nega bands were supposed to stay on the wrists of whomever was on Earth at the time, Rick or Marv. The one in the negative zone was not supposed to have them so drawing Marv with nega bands at all was an error, much less that he wasn't using their power.

That felt wrong and harder to No-Prize. Some sites report that these Generations might be just more manufactured backissue realities for the Legacy hero to discover self-wisdom *koff* and not really be canon exact. So, Annihilus may never have met a time displaced Car-ell Danvers at that point. Terrible.

    Also Marv's speech patterns at times were off, even one time he was talking like Yoda! UGH.

As for Carol, she gave few too many Wizard of Oz references. And oddly her (presumed) translator managed to convey expressions to Loba like "MONKEYS" and "FLANK AND FAKE" but couldn't decipher bugspeak (except by Annihilus).

    Anyway after they defeat Annihilus, they are chatting for a bit and Carol decides to tell him who she is, Carol Danvers. However as she starts to refer to him by his old Dr. Lawson alias she does teh big fade and disappears back to her proper timeline. Marv bids her farewell, not realizing that it was a future version of his friend and almost girlfriend Carol Danvers.

    I did like the little easter egg/joke about how the aliens mispronounced Carol as Car-ell, just like when Marv first appeared on Earth and people heard the name Mar-Vell and thought it was pronounced Marvel.

And the FF image was an unexpected surprise. The art was okay.

    and OF COURSE Carol doesn't even THINK OF TRYING TO WARN MAR-VELL about an impending future fight with Nitro and the NERVE GAS that would sicken and kill him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She uncharacteristically put off flaunting her lasting CWII ethics of pre-emptive temporal tampering. Sheesh. She was more interested in branding him a male chauvinist pig.

    SO, all in all, while Carol may have gotten a life lesson or two, Mar-Vell's powers and character were inaccurately portrayed and of course Carol doesn't make an effort to try to change his fate by warning him.

    In the end, another stupid Generations issue.

Support Cancer Research and Alzheimer Research.

marv's original weapon was a unibeam weapon capable of emitting virtually any kind of energy the user needed. It was a gun until he miniaturized it to wear on his wrist.

I don't know about her wanting to brand him a chauvinist pig, but if so I'd chalk that and the other blunders up to the writer and editor NOT doing their homework about Mar-Vell.

I still cannot believe that she didn't make one effort to warn the man that she loved or still does love about the future fight with Nitro and the nerve gas. It may have helped Marv to avoid his fate, or not.

Just another cheap way for Marvel to keep him dead.

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