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Subj: Re: My current list of the "internet breaking" icon return in Legacy
Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 at 01:05:57 am EDT (Viewed 92 times)
Reply Subj: Re: My current list of the "internet breaking" icon return in Legacy
Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 at 02:30:39 pm EDT (Viewed 115 times)

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    Monica had her shot at being Captain Marvel, now she's just relegated to support character status and occasional keeper of the name Captain Marvel until someone else wants to use it, such as Genis and Carol.

    If Carol were to revert to her costume with the lightning bolt that would be fine with me but all the SJW protesters would have a fit.

    Just bring Mar-Vell back and publish the occasional mini series with him in it, or bring him back and for awhile have a backup story with him as the star in Carol's book then phase her out and put him back in.

    They don't need to have a long running CM series to keep the trademark, just publish something titled Captain Marvel at regular intervals, even if it is a reprint of Marv's adventures, and they keep the trademark.

    Remember the mini-series Untold Legend of Captain Marvel? It told of some of his time when he was a Kree soldier before he was assigned to Earth. More of that would be nice, also in Avengers vs X-men we learn that Marv still had relatives among the Kree, and they were the ones that conspired to get him back as part of their overall plans. Are there any other members of the Vell family left? What else do we not know of Mar-Vell? How old was he in Kree?Earth years before coming to Earth? What other adventures did he have as a Kree Soldier?

    Also as I have posted before there are plenty of stories to tell about how Marv, the people of Earth, and the universe itself would react to his actual return. We got a glimpse of that in the Skrull-Vell miniseries (Grrr! HATE SKRULL-VELL) but that could still be explored.

    How would the SKRULLS react to their greatest enemy returning from the dead?

    Ronan the Accuser? he'd be sure to hunt down Marv

    How would a mystic like Dr Strange handle Marv's return regarding the balance of life and death?

    How about Mentor/Eros/Elysius?

    Even Adam Warlock should be interested/curious about Marv's comeback.

    Then of course there is THANOS........the enemy Marv was destined to defeat. THANOS has stated he has great respect for Marv, would they again be enemies or frenemies like Thanos is with Warlock?

    Many stories to be told about Captain Mar-Vell, not the least of which is that his full power was seldom used and the Handbook entries about him only rated his strength at 15 tons maximum, yet when THANOS was prepping to use the Cosmic cube, Marv used his full speed to outmaneuver him and his full strength to smash THANOS around and was slowly wearing down a Titan with the power to face the THING and THOR at the same time in battle.

    Marv was injuring his hands in the process and his strength wasn't at Thanos' level, but I suspect he was using more then 15 tons of muscle power in that fight. I suspect that thanks to his cosmic awareness he knew his power limits were greater then what he normally used but his newfound zen and desire for peace made him limit his power output.

    His normal 5 senses were augmented in addition to receiving Awareness from Eon, none of that was really explored or developed. The big thing the writers kept working on was his fusion with Rick Jones until they finally separated for good.

My problem is none of those would particularly interest me much except the obvious one of him and Thanos.

To me he wasn't as entrenched as other characters. Outside of Rick Jones and Carol did he have any REAL friends (or family?). He had colleagues in the hero community and the Titan Eternals I guess but how many of them really knew him that well?

His past before he was a mole on earth seems to be a bit of a blank...I don't think we've ever really seen it.

The problem with bringing him back is sadly there's no good reason to bring him back. I agree killing him with cancer was kind of a cop out and extinguished his potential before he achieved it. But I don't see the hook that would make it interesting for him to come back. I guess he could catch with his weirdo kids but 2 out of the three of them are dead. Most of the heroes he knew have been replaced with these new awful characters. Rick is apparently dead. He doesn't have anything to really come back to.

Reverend Meteor

Rick Jones knew him the best of all since they were merged for so long.

Carol seemed to know him somewhat well

Elysius however knew him better then anyone other then Rick Jones.

Given that was thought of as a traitor to the Kree, Marv can't see any of his Kree family or friends thus we never knew any of them until Avengers vs Xmen when we learned that the Vell family shares in Marv's dishonor.

His past as Kree soldier was briefly touched on before, mainly in the Untold Legend of Captain Marvel mini series.

As to a reason to bringing him back? Okay, over the years the heroes have basically forgotten how to be heroes. Civil War 1 and 2 being great examples of that. All the infighting and squabbling when they should be protecting Earth and its people. Mar-Vell was essentially the Optimus Prime of Marvel Cosmic back in the day (yes he predates Optimus Prime but its a good comparison imo). Mar-Vell could remind them all of what it is to be a hero.

Or else a universal or multiversal threat that needs Mar-Vell to help lead the heroes and end it.

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