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Subj: Re: These Guys Seem Cool. Didn't They Completely Retcon Darkhwak, Though?
Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 at 09:51:33 pm EDT (Viewed 94 times)
Reply Subj: Re: These Guys Seem Cool. Didn't They Completely Retcon Darkhwak, Though?
Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 at 09:08:14 pm EDT (Viewed 95 times)

    Abnett is DC exclusive, and he's writing the Aquaman book. The Raptors seem pretty powerful, were they from the old Darkhawk series? I read some of his series, and I actually quite like Darkhawk. I'm not completely sure what the retcon was, but I know that his origin and mythology was completely retconned. What issue did this happen in? I wasn't all that crazy about The War Of Kings, from what I read about it (It could be because I just hate Vulcan, though. To my knowledge, he hasn't come back, and I hope that it stays that way.). Thanks.

The raptors were not from the original Darkhawk series.

War of Kings (which I loved despite Vulcan) did make a MAJOR retcon that invalidated much of Darkhawk's mythology from his solo series. But I hated his origin so goodbye the bad rubbish.

Basically the story from his old solo series was that Darkhawk's amulet was one of six amulets created by a cabal of alien criminals. The War of Kings Ascension and Darkhawk minis said that none of these other amulet guys were even real and were a figment of Chris Powell's hallucinations from the Darkhawk amulet (really screws up Portal who debuted in Avengers BEFORE he got Darkhawk armor before Darkhawk existed). So this retcon screws up a lot of Darkhawk characters who had the other Darkhawk armors and presumably negates them from existence: Portal, Evilhawk, Overhawk, Ocsh, St. Johnny etc.

But I still didn't care because I really really liked the origin we got with the retcon. In the War of Kings retcon we meet a new Darkhawk named Talon who isn't one of the Darkhawk's created by that cabal. Chris dreamed them up from an information overload the amulet gave him. In reality there are numerous Darkhawks that comprise the Fraternity of Raptors (Talon, Razor, Gyre, Stel, Kyte etc) who are like an order of knights (or thugs). The Darkhawks were created as warriors for the Shi'ar and it's implied their Darkhawk tree of amulets is connected to the old Lifestone tree idea from Thunderbolts. The armor Chris uses used to be used by one of the Fraternity members named Razor. Talon is able to trick Chris into letting Razor take over the body while Chris is shunted off to that old nullspace dimension that his body used to go to on Ocsh's ship in the old series. The Raptors are able to have aliens touch one of their amulets and dump the host in null space while a Darkhawk (raptor) gets swapped back into the main universe while the Raptors just sort of drain the guys they dumped into their crystal prisons in null space. Eventually Chris realizes that the Shi'ar who created the Fraternity didn't know anything about humanity and had really accounted for the older races like the Kree, Skrulls etc. Knowing that he's able to reclaim his form from Razor. And later he uses a trick he learned on how to get rid of Razor to get rid of Talon and send him back to nullspace (and Gyre in another issue).

I liked that stuff way more than the alien cabal. The fact that the art in that Darkhawk Ascension series was gorgeous didn't hurt my enjoyment either.