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Subj: Basilisk
Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 at 08:02:47 am EDT (Viewed 133 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Scourge's victims' statuses
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    What's strange is that there was a requirement for their resurrections to become permanent, but that was ignored. They were supposed to have killed Punisher within a month or they'd go back to Hell. This didn't happen, obviously. So, they really shouldn't be around.

    Basilisk: Alive. And I'm very grateful! Dunno why, but I've always liked the guy.
    Bird-Man: Alive.
    Black Abbott: Alive.
    The Fly: Alive.
    Gamecock: Still alive, because that Scourge failed, and Red Skull killed that Scourge.
    Letha: Alive.
    Lionfang: Alive.
    Matador (Eloganto): Alive.
    Phone Ranger: Alive. WHY?!?!
    Steel Wind: Alive. Scourge failed.
    Titania/Lascivious: Alive.
    Turner D Century: Alive.

    Those who died again:
    Blue Streak: By Henry Russo.
    Cheetah: By Punisher.
    Cyclone: By Punisher.
    Death Adder: By Venom.
    Hijacker: By Venom.
    Megatak: By Toxin.
    Mind-Wave: By Punisher.
    Mirage: By Boomerang.
    Ringer: Dead again, but it was sort of a natural death.

The only ones I really cared about on that whole list are Basilisk and The Fly. It's a shame that they haven't been touched since being brought back. Maybe Two-In-One will bring back some of these guys. Basilisk had his best appearances in that type of book.

Glad there's another fan of him out there.

While I wish he'd been used more, he did make several appearances since being resurrected. He was in Nova (during Realm of Kings) and Herc (powerless Hercules series), as well as a couple other minor appearances.