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Subj: Re: Franklin
Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 at 04:56:59 pm EDT (Viewed 106 times)
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      I would agree, but would you want Johnny babysitting your kid? Most of the time he's just not worthy, and this completely because of the hack writers who want him to be an eternal manchild, and nothing to do with Franklin. Heck, Franklin could and should be a great boon to Johnny.

    I think Johnny's a horrible human being but not necessarily a horrible uncle.

    To me it just always seem weird...Franklin seems way closer to his godfather than his actual uncle.

He's not really horrible, but he's like the least responsible person in the Marvel Universe (at least at his worst). And I find him a much better human being than he is an uncle.


      If Ben wanted to even pretend to be Reed's best friend, he must babysit. It is a requirement.

    If Reed wanted to use Ben as his constant babysitter he should pay Ben in beer!

    (with the caveat he doesn't drink while babysitting I guess)

/shrug -- maybe. I'm not too particular about that.

And "family" tends not to get paid for such things, in my neck of the woods. Never got paid for babysitting my brother or sister, or my niece.