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Subj: Re: CBR lists 15 things Marvel needs to fix with Legacy
Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 at 11:13:26 am EDT (Viewed 145 times)
Reply Subj: CBR lists 15 things Marvel needs to fix with Legacy
Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 at 05:56:02 pm EDT (Viewed 219 times)

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they should include bringing Mar-Vell back as #16

15) No core
Disagree. In my opinion, they don't go far enough. Classic versions of the characters have been done to death, they should move on. Current Marvel Universe should be in a state closer to MC2, minus the cheesy writing.

14) No Four
Oh, god, some old characters are gone for five minutes and it's a drama. There are dozens of characers I want to come back before the FF.

13) No guts
Not sure if I agree. I'm ok with keeping the old guard, as long as it's as mentor or supporting cast.

12) Reboo
100 % agree.

11) Retread
100 % agree
Worst part is Marvel Legcay seems to be a lot about that.

10) Mutant Genocide

9) Inhumans push
I'm fine with a push, but not the obnoxious way it was done

8) Gone too soon
Yep. The cancellation bar is way too high

7) Fanamosity
Not sure what to make of it, except that Marvel editors and writers should stop caring about anything said on social medias.

6) Milk it
Kinda agree, although I love Gwenpool
The issue is rather some character's ubiquity: Logan, Deadpool... same with DC spamming Batman and Harley everywhere

5) Abundance
Agree, but the problame is rather that some titles ship twice a month. If people spend money on two issues of X-Men Blue, they are less likely to buy Generation X.

4) No entry point
Look, if you don't like a big shared universe, Image comics and One Punch Man are for you.
The Marvel-verse and the DC-verse are something that doesn't exist anywhere else in fiction. A huge facisnating universe, a rich History. And it's absolutely wasted by writers who want to stick to the handful of characters who are popular right now.

3) No through line
I don't like the idea of a central title. That makes all the others look less relevant

2) Nazis
I have only one answer to people who complained non stop about that, and it's a Rik Remender quote that includes the words "hobo" and piss"

1) Event Addiction
I agree, but Monsters Unleashed shouldn't be on that list.
Heck, if people are tired about events, they should have voted with their money and made Monsters Unleashed a biggest hit than Civil War II and Secret Empire.
It was short, without delays, it didn't derail other ongoing's stories or schedule, it had a very limited number of tie-ins and wasn't about heroes vs heroes: isn't that exactly the kind of event you're all asking for?