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Subj: A few problems, but overall... it was pretty good.
Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 at 08:23:07 am EDT (Viewed 179 times)
Reply Subj: Legacy #1 - Let me guess: Everyone hates it, right?
Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 at 05:14:28 pm EDT (Viewed 221 times)

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So yeah, I decided to get Legacy #1, since I figured it would form the background of a lot of our conversations. Wouldn't be the first time I bought a comic just so I could talk about it on these boards.

I totally enjoyed it. So I'm guessing the rest of you hated it. Same as X-Men vs. Inhumans, which I liked and you guys didn't.

No, I won't be getting the tie-ins. I never get the tie-ins. Except yeah, I'll get Marvel 2-in-1, but that's a special case. I've wanted a Ben/Johnny buddy book for nigh on 40 years. I think I'm entitled to actually read the thing, now that it finally exists. Nitpick: Marvel should have numbered it #101.

Now tell me it wasn't cool and intriguing to see young god Odin, the Panther God, the Phoenix, the Starbrand, Agamotto, the Spirit of Vengeance, and Shou Lao the Undying all together as a team a million years ago. (This is where you tell me the fifteen reasons why this was logically impossible, proving once again that ignorance really is bliss in my case.)

Roberto Reyes is in this issue, which is good, because I like him ten times better than Johnny Blaze. I also liked his TV persona ten times better than the movie persona of Johnny Blaze.

Loki manipulating Frost Giants is always fun.

Ironheart is in this, which makes this the first time ever that I've bought a comic with Ironheart in it.

Jane Foster/Thor has a nigh-Shakespearean speech pattern. Since when? I briefly bought her comic and I could swear her speech pattern was modern American.

Steve Rogers is on a motorcycle road trip! Ah, the good old days are back! Well - at least a little. I mean, come on, Steve on a Harley (hopefully it's a Harley) is iconic.

Unworthy Thor continues to binge drink. I wonder if he'll ever get worthy somehow. Or maybe Mjolnir will stop caring. Or maybe Mjolnir will act as the Odinson's sobriety sponsor. The hammer has a mind of its own lately, right? Incidentally, I found it amusing that Mjolnir barely tolerated young god Odin.

The dialogue between Iron Fist and Doctor Strange was a lot of fun. I hated the recent Doctor Strange series but nevertheless I appreciated the refrigerator comment.

Is that Jean Grey on the Avengers statue? (Incidentally, I have no idea who Nadia is, though I presume she's an Avenger.)

The "Avengers Assemble" bit was amusing.

Johnny's new costume is awesome.

Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda? Didn't see that coming.

So do you think Roberto killed the Starbrand?

Those images on the cave wall made me think immediately of DC's current "Metal" series. Anybody reading that?

Jason Aaron writes a good Wolverine.

Teen Jean sure gets around. Now she's in Canada.

Farthead and Buttface should be the title of a new comic. They remind me of Space Ghost's little buddies. But they need a monkey.

So how badly did you hate it?

I don't like this "million years ago" thing.

Marvel hasn't gotten Celestials right in over 20 years, and I see no hint they're going to start.

Frankly, I wish Marvel would stop rewriting the past and look ahead.

The intergalactic empire of Wakanda is about the most absurd thing I've ever read.

Otherwise, it was pretty good.