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Subj: Nick Fury vs SHIELD
Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 at 06:09:34 am EDT (Viewed 96 times)
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Put it on the shelf for awhile. It feels like the concept of SHIELD has been abused by writer after writer ever since Tony Stark became the head of it.

Bring it back in 5-10 years when they bring back the real Nick Fury.

Arguably 1988's 'Nick Fury vs SHIELD' was when the organisation turned from the heroic organisation of super-cops it started as, into the seedy corrupt organisation it has been consistantly portrayed as over the last couple of decades.

The preference in recent years has been for writers like Nick Spencer to use SHIELD as a proxy for how they see real life government and security services - as 'the man' - existing only to infringe on your civil rights.

Pleasant Hill is the perfect recent example of that. Spencer sets up Rick Jones as a clear Edward Snowden parallel, and SHIELD as the nasty government looking to hunt him down.

I'd love to see the old man return, but its not going to happen. Were going to get his lame-ass son 'Junior' at the helm of the organisation, mark my words.