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Subj: Re: What Is The Love For Captain Mar-Vell Anyway?
Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 at 08:38:41 pm EDT (Viewed 99 times)
Reply Subj: Someone to host the Phoenix besides Jean Grey
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We all know she and the Phoenix are returning......yawn.

We all know that eventually the Phoenix tends to get a bit wild and dark.

We saw once how the Phoenix was subdivided into 5 hosts until greed for power ended that.

But we also saw a tiny amount of Phoenix power used to revive someone that would be an excellent host, even if they did decide to split the Phoenix between them.

This person has a nice zen state of mind, inner peace and harmony and has conquered and purged the demons of his past from his soul. He also has cosmic awareness and defeated Thanos.

Yes, I once again speak of Captain Mar-Vell. He could again be revived and be a true messiah for what is left of the Kree and lead them to a new home and protect them and the cosmos.

Only this time, the Phoenix power completely FRIES the cancer cells out of him rather then placing them in stasis and completely cures him. Thus when the day comes that they strip him of the power he doesn't die AGAIN.

He's probably the ONE character (Other than Uncle Ben and, um, Skurge The Executioner?) that actually HAS stayed dead. Was he really that popular of a character anyway? My understanding is that he was not up until he got killed. And his death is a classic, so why undo it? Besides, they can always just do a story or two with him in the past, or bring back his Skrull version. Leave at least one character dead.