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    Yeah. Having him speak can only work temporarily.

It worked from 1965 until this year.

    I'm not so concerned with him being a traditional hero. But we need to get in his head and understand him. Otherwise, it's better to just replace him with a big honking laser cannon. He's totally unnecessary unless he's blasting something with his voice.

No we don't need to understand him. Not understanding him is the literal point of the character. We should never understand him. He should be inscrutable. There should always be some doubt whether Medusa or whoever has really conveyed what he wants conveyed and even then he might have held something back to his handler.

He's not meant to be a protagonist. He's supposed to be the mysterious supporting character whose duty to his people as their king sometimes makes him do shady things to protect them. With a protagonist you probably should "get in his head". But that's not required for a supporting character who is supposed to somewhat mysterious. If they're a mysterious supporting character they rely on that mystery. Giving him the ability to speak to others robs him of the very thing his character needs in order to work. It would be like finding out the Stranger is a guy from Akron, Ohio named Bob that sells car insurance. Once there is no more mystery the character doesn't work.