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Subj: Re: PREVIEWS #6
Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 at 10:05:47 am EST (Viewed 115 times)
Reply Subj: PREVIEWS #6
Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 at 12:26:34 am EST (Viewed 158 times)

    Infinity Countdown #1 has classic Wolverine in it, and also Super Skrull, along with other characters, including some guy with silvery hair and bluish skin. I'll probably be buying this.

Bluish guy is Adam Warlock.
Other seeming gem holders: Captain Marvel (Carol, so nobody gets confused), Gamora, and Loki... at least until Thanos rips them off their bloody stumps.

No. Seriously, I hope Thanos kinda stays out of this.

    There will be some weird Iron Man: Hong Kong Heroes one-shot that will have Tony Stark in it but won't have Tony in the suit, apparently, as whoever will be in the suit is a mystery. It's based on some Disney World ride? Villains are Baron Mordo and Arnim Zola. Who wants to bet the mystery suit-wearer will be Chinese? As this will be a whole story told in one issue (gasp) I will probably buy it.

Could not possibly be less interested. I actually might be more interested in Moon Girl, and I'm not interested in her either.

And while I'm on about lack of interest, this "No Surrender" thing really isn't being sold well, imo. I'm interested, but... honestly, I'm not sure why.

    Incredible Hulk #714 will feature Amadeus Cho on a rampage and is billed as World War Hulk II Part 1. Since Cho will finally be rampaging, I will probably buy this.


    WEAPON H #1!!!!
    Oh yes. This is what I wanted. Written by Greg Pak too. Beautiful. Must-buy. I am actually considering a new collector-ish impulse. I currently own or have ordered every single appearance of Weapon H thus far. I may decide to purchase his every appearance in any book. He could become my signature character. Heck, I'd rename myself Weapon H if it wouldn't mess up my godlike Maintainer powers (which it would).

Wait... you're not being sarcastic? The whole idea just makes me violently ill.

    Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider is getting a one-shot where he fights Mephisto. Unsure about this one, as it isn't really a done-in-one. It's part of a Mephisto event. But maybe I'll get it. I've noticed my tastes run strongly to the 90s triumvirate: Wolverine, Punisher, and Ghost Rider. I'm pretty sure I'd buy a Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider series if Marvel offered one and it had a good creative team.

The Damnation event has my interest.

    Chip Zdarsky is my new favorite writer after reading Marvel 2-in-1 number one, and he is also writing Peter Parker: the Spectacular Spider-Man! Who knew? Did you? (Issues 301 and 302 any way.) I think I'll buy this. Because of Chip Zdarsky.

I'm the guy who really didn't enjoy the first issue of 2-in-1. So... we're getting another story of failing powers (YAAAAWN!), and Johnny's psych state just seems... dumb. I mean, I liked Ben's role, and I'm glad there's something FF-related. Just not impressed with the execution.

    All-New Wolverine will still feature Laura, so I'll probably keep buying it.


    Cable's book will be continuing past the current arc. Cool. I'll probably keep buying it.


    The Jailer will be returning to the pages of Black Bolt. Unsure how I feel about that. It may indicate the writer has nothing more to say and is rehashing past ideas, which would be sad. But I've been liking this book so far so I'll buy this issue and then decide if I've lost interest or not.

Please die, Inhumans.

Only other thing I'm interested in is this New Mutants thing.

Generally, I'm not seeing a bright future for Marvel. I think I'm going to dive deeper into the Distinguished Compost.

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