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Subj: Re: Hulk and Johnny
Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 at 10:02:54 am EST (Viewed 88 times)
Reply Subj: Hulk and Johnny
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    Being a monster requires some sort of monstrous behavior. Merely being ugly doesn't make you a monster. Ben Grimm might describe himself as a monster in his more self-pitying moods but really he's the farthest thing from a monster. He's an unsightly hero.

    Being the Hulk is not supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be a curse. Back in the Herb Trimpe and Sal Buscema days, the curse played out through the Hulk being mentally challenged, prone to uncontrollable rages, and the target of a relentless witch hunt by Thunderbolt Ross. Eventually fans wearied of the witch hunt, as it was so one-sided. Ross would keep coming and coming, and all the Hulk would do (after smashing tanks and planes for a while) is flee into the wilderness. So then we got the many and varied experiments as to how to do a Hulk book without Thunderbolt Ross as the constant threat. The only really successful experiments were Peter David's and Greg Pak's. Of these, Greg Pak's was truest to the original essence of the character. Peter David eventually came back to the essence but for quite a while his Hulk was really just a hero with green skin.

    Amadeus Cho has not been experiencing his Hulk persona as a curse. He has been a hero with green skin, all cheerful and bubbly and lovin' life. I found this unreadable because it wasn't the Hulk. It was some super-smart and super-rich guy who was also super-strong. Who wouldn't want to be this guy? I had a similar reaction to the early years of Peter David's run.

    Now at last Amadeus Cho is becoming a monster. Where this will lead, we don't know. Obviously he can't continue indefinitely as a 24 by 7 Godzilla. His danger to humanity will have to be toned down in some way. Or maybe he'll somehow cure himself. Or die.

Being a Hulk is what you make it. Banner Hulk was never truly a monster. That was the whole ironic point of him. He was just treated like a monster by others. Go back and reread those original stories. Hulk was not the monster-- humanity was. In fact, most non-Banner Hulks were even less rampagers than him, so by all rights Cho should not rampage. It's really not in his nature. Even if you want to play him as a monster, it doesn't mean making him rampage. Rampaging is really like the worst, most boring type of monster.


      All of a sudden (Johnny's) extremely mopey? Seems forced.

    I actually thought the avoidance of the issue by both Ben and Johnny seemed really weird. Ben joins the Guardians of the Galaxy and Johnny joins the Inhumans and life goes on. My impression is, those stories are being ignored. It's like they never happened. Which normally would be a frustrating disregard for continuity, but in this case the continuity that's being ignored was stupid. That's what bugs me about 21st century Marvel. A lot of the continuity is just stupid. So now we're getting the story we should have gotten. This is Ben and Johnny trying to deal with the worst reality their hearts could have imagined.

To me, there is nothing to really avoid. They've all been in this situation a time or three before. Ho hum. Those other stories were great, imo.

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