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Subj: Re: What confuses me is...
Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 at 12:40:12 pm EST (Viewed 93 times)
Reply Subj: What confuses me is...
Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 at 07:12:55 am EST (Viewed 77 times)

    The term "soap opera" doesn't tend to be associated with 'relevance' in storytelling. It has more of a history of being connected to personal entanglements and relationships. Sort of a drawn out drama or melodrama.

I see your point. Still, the things I most dislike reading about are sexual things - rape, child abuse, prostitution - which would fall in the realm of personal entanglements and (sometimes) ongoing relationships. I'm open to the use of some other word or phrase.

I also dislike stories about severe power imbalances; I.e., oppression. Rape and child abuse (and in some cases prostitution) fall into this category. Helpless and hopeless... so bleak.

    Which, to me, makes your usage of Spider-Man perplexing. The soap opera aspects that Stan Lee injected are usually cited as the thing that truly helps define the character.

Oh definitely. But Spider-Man surely went decades without ever referencing rape, child abuse, or prostitution.

    And with the advent of binge watching shows, the idea of soap opera elements become more and more pushed in fiction to get people to watch. So, I would take it you don't partake in say Netflix's Daredevil... since those elements were transferred to some degree from the comics.

I watched the Marvel Netflix shows. The one I didn't like was Jessica Jones, which was too depressing. It also had rape in it, beginning with mind-rape, in the person of the Purple Man.

    Which is of course, perfectly fine. Though, that does leave me curious as to what you do watch, since that not only dominates most popular shows (even sitcoms, ever since Cheers) but also i lesser watched shows.

There are endless hours of TV that don't deal with rape, child abuse, or prostitution. And if they pop up in a show that doesn't continually deal with those topics, I accept their appearance as episodic and keep watching, unless the whole thing just gets too irritating.

    Even shows of teh past like Star Trek or the Twilight Zone, may not have drawn it out,but were no stranger to personal melodrama for characters.

    But the REALLY odd thing, is that I recall you championing AMERICA.

    Now, I only read one issue, so I am hardly an expert, and I was no fan of it, but it seemed that between her girlfriend woes and familial issues, there was plenty of 'soap opera.'

But no rape, child abuse, or prostitution, as far as I know.

    There was also was seemingly social commentary. Not very good or well written in my opinion (that is just my opinion, feel free to have yours), which would tie it into the question of 'relevance.'

    I would be fascinated to know how these different cogs fit in your head. and I know that sometimes typed thing can come off wring on the internet, I do not mean that to sound aggressive or sarcastc. I am genuinely interested.

I still have this question in my head. Do most of us (any of us) actually enjoy reading comics that feature such things as rape, child abuse, or prostitution - or do we merely accept them as "what the writer felt like writing about" and move on?

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