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Subj: I'm taking a break from this title
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Reply Subj: Despicable Deadpool #295: Is getting to #300 on the Bucket List?
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Despicable Deadpool 295

Do you think Deadpool actually killed Marietta Nelson? After going through all that plot devicing to appear to BUT NOT kill Evan as Stryfe blackmailed him to do. Wade has access to a Butler's Serum (nb.) that can temporarily surpress X-Genes to turn a mutant normal. This 'weapon' would always be really handy to have around if writers care to acknowledge/remember this precident. Even though we are not told how long Genesis will be off the board. Any guess why she was a target?

We have to accept the plot devices that the X-men can't relocate Deadpool and Stryfe is just that dumb to accept the readout from (a future) one monitor screne. However, how are we to take the bombing? Evan never was in contact or let go of Wade's bomb the instant Kitty phased them? Or the more mindbothering option that Kitty is THAT good as to selectively NOT include something being held? Previously, she COLDLY phased DP halfway thru the pane of glass while he was holding that bat... with his internal organs that she put there.

Finally, nomad Cap shows up on the last page to give Wade a good old-fashioned head knocking (on his own authority?). Most likely just for killing Phil Coulson and S.E. crimes since obviously Wade is the (Marvel) universal superhero scapegoat for that Event. Scott Lang might as well just come back to Cassie and not worry about indictment.

Weird cover choice.

Support Cancer Research and Alzheimer Research.

The book just stopped being fun. Wade as a Dad just isn't an idea I want to explore. Crazy BFF of a wildly dangerous but cute super-youngster? Now that works for me. Especially since it doesn't completely define him the way being a Dad simply must. Wade can pop in and out of All New Wolverine whenever the writer feels the urge. The rest of the time, he can be the crazy mercenary with a soft heart for kids and animals and a penchant for mayhem and mishap that he was always meant to be. As has oft been noted, he's a Bugs Bunny character in the Marvel Universe. That's what I want. Even Yosemite Sam would probably be moved by a little girl's tears or a puppy's mournful whine. That's all the humanity I need from Wade. That, and only taking assignments where the targets are jerks, so he can look Spider-Man in the squiggly white eye with only a minimum of flinching.

By the same token, I don't want him going too dark. Killing Coulson was over the top. I dropped the book the instant he did that. I also was horrified by the notion that he might make an attempt on Cable's life. Maybe he didn't follow through with that, or maybe he played some sort of trick, or maybe Cable defeated him, I don't know, but I have no desire to even contemplate Deadpool trying to kill Cable. That just nauseates me.

The current writer needs to read All New Wolverine #31 and take copious notes.

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