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Subj: Re: New banner just for Superman's Pal -
Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 at 10:38:52 pm EDT (Viewed 80 times)
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Heh heh. Thanks, AC! Great stuff!

    - but also I have a discussion question, which is:

    Back in the day, if you could have been Ralph Snart in that picture, with the good fortune to be hugged by any 80s or 90s super-heroine, which super-heroine would you have picked?

Question, would I only be waist-high to her like Snart is to his lady? Oh, the possibilities!

    I would have picked Starfire from the New Titans. A hug from her would have made me smile ear to ear.

Starfire's good, her penchant for nudity probably didn't hurt. I admit I really had the hots for Lady Jaye of G.I. Joe, it must have been the husky voice. And Wilma Deering from Buck Rogers, I think she got me through puberty ...

Super-heroine? Probably Wonder Woman, and mostly from the TV show.

I wonder why no girls post at this board?