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Subj: Optimus did have a Bucky he just wasnt in the cartoon until Season 3
Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 at 09:47:36 pm EST (Viewed 190 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Optimus Prime was not as good a leader as some may think.
Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 at 07:55:14 am EST (Viewed 241 times)

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    Since the TF board is about as dead as Atari is, I figured I'd post this topic here.

    Okay so Optimus Prime becomes the leader at the start of the Decepticon uprising and had the power to face Megatron. Okay so I can see him being considered the savior of the Autobots at this point.

    Now then.....just how long did the war go on?

    Well in the old cartoon, it went on for 5 million years at which point Cybertron is a wreck and its resources nearly gone.

Five million years of war is unfathomable. I bet Captain America and Bucky could have done a better job.

    Optimus leads a mission to get new energon resources, they are intercepted and they crash on primitive Earth and lay dormant for another 4 million years.

    Meanwhile, the war still grinds away on Cybertron in the old cartoon. Shockwave for all his power couldn't conquer the planet and apparently no one could step up to replace Prime. Where was Ultra Magnus?

    earth year 1984, The TF's on Earth get reactivated and the war carries over to Earth for years.

Letting war spill over onto another world is not the Captain American way. (Bucky would have been sure to slit someone's throat so such a spill-over didn't happen.)

    By Earth year 2005, the Decepticons have won and taken the planet. Who knows how many Autobots were terminated in the process. Optimus is reduced to bases on each of the planet's moons and Autobot City on Earth.

    Optimus was preparing for a final offensive to retake the planet and defeat Megatron when he had to go to Earth and make his great sacrifice in battle against Megatron.

Optimus always seemed like an inspirational leader rather than a practical one. He needed a Bucky.

    Unicron attacks and Rodimus Prime arises and what does Rodimus do? FINISH what Optimus couldn't do.

    1. Destroys Unicron.
    2. Leads the Autobots and the Junkions to retake Cybertron in the confusion following Unicron's assault.
    3. Over the course of a year Cybertron has been refortified and can repel any attack by the Decepticons who are in exile and dying until the Quintessons come for them.

Rodimus! I should have looked the name up sooner in Wikipedia. So that's were our pal Rodimus got his user name.

    Cybertron was slowly rebuilding and becoming more energy self sufficient under the command of Rodimus, who while compassionate and caring was able to make hard choices that Optimus couldn't such as blowing up a planet to keep its energon away from the Decepticons.

That's the trouble with inspirational leaders. Sometimes they make up for it by being SO inspirational that talented practical types (like Bucky) flock to their banner and do the dirty work.

    Optimus led his people in a war that he couldn't end for millions of years. He should have been replaced sooner.

I agree.

and by the time Season 3 was airing, Optimus was dead.

I speak of ULTRA MAGNUS, he's an excellent soldier and tactician and while he does have the ability to be the leader of the Autobots he doesn't want it.

He served as soldier taking orders from Rodimus Prime and also giving Rodimus advice and pep talks now and then whenever Rodimus' resolve would waiver.

When Rodimus lost the matrix and reverted to Hot Rod, Magnus stepped up after Hot Rod ran away and refused to get the matrix back. Rodimus returned at the end and Magnus became second in command again.

Optimus gets restored and Magnus again remains second in command and main soldier.

As an example of Magnus' ability as a soldier and his practicality, in the episode where they had to blow up a planet to keep the Decepticons from getting its energy supply, Magnus and Sandstorm get to the core and Magnus comments how he's never seen anything so beautiful ever the instantly asks to be given the bombs to set.

The problems that fans had with Rodimus Prime

1. He wasn't Optimus. Rodimus was more of a practical leader, while he did inspire the troops it wasn't on the same level as Optimus. he wasn't a cookie cutter/Captain America like Optimus was.

2. Inconsistent portrayal, some episodes he's calm and confident others he's crying like a wimp.

3. He wasn't Optimus. Fans didn't give him a fair chance.

4. All the "traumatized kiddies" whining to their parents about Optimus dying on the movie screen and again at home after the Quintessons reanimated him into Zombie Optimus for an episode. Hasbro caved into the demands of the parent groups and Optimus was restored.

Now in the comics, cartoons and movies ever since if at anytime Optimus appears to perish he will be back.

G1 Marvel comic he perished at least twice and returned

Dreamwave he was damaged by Shockwave and offline for repair but would be back if Dreamwave wasn't embezzled into oblivion

Armada cartoon: Prime is vaporized but later returns

Beast Wars: blown up at the end of Season 1, rebuilt in Season 2, upgraded in Season 3.

Beast Machines: perished at the end of Season 1, brought himself back in Season 2, perished at the end with Megatron to reformat Cybertron

Bayformers movies, these movies were trash but wasn't he briefly dead in the second one?

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