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Subj: Rodimus Prime
Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 at 05:06:22 pm EST (Viewed 230 times)
Reply Subj: New banner! I'm becoming interested in this character
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As far as I can determine, Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime are the same Cybertronian, but different "personas," though I don't know what that means exactly.

Here's a long and detailed article:
Hot Rod Generation 1

How does Rodimus Prime rank among your favorite Cybertronians? What do you like best about him?

Could more have been done with his character? Should more have been done? Seems like he has quite a history. Was anything done with his character that you didn't like or thought was a mistake?

Do you think Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime could headline a solo comic successfully?

okay here goes:

1. Hot Rod a tough, brave, hot head, impetuous Autobot who rarely thinks before he acts. His toy tech specs as I recall were all 10's in terms of strength, etc.

2. The 1986 animated Transformers movie was giant toy ad just like the cartoon. It was written to kill off early TF's like Ironhide, Prowl, Wheeljack and of course OPTIMUS PRIME. ALL deaths in the movie were meant to be permanent, though I did like the idea of Starscream being a ghost.

3. Hot Rod's interference in the fight between Op and Meg. is what caused Op to be fatally blasted and terminate, but his spark/wisdom/lifeforce/power passes into the Matrix of Leadership, so is his spirit truly dead?

4. Hot Rod caught the Matrix as Op dropped it due to dying and it flared in his hands a moment before he gave it to Ultra Magnus who was chosen by Op to take his place.

5. Hot Rod instinctively knew the Matrix could stop Unicron.

6. After Magnus was blown up and the Matrix stolen, Magnus was snapped back together by the Junkions and Hot Rod asked about the Matrix and was told it was gone and that Galvatron had it. Hot Rod then basically took command from Magnus and rallied the Autobots and Junkions to go and destroy Unicron.

7. Inside Unicron's chest area, Hot Rod finds Galvatron who has the Matrix and the fight is on. As Galvatron hunts for him, Hot Rod is in the shadows waiting to strike, we then get the classic lines:

"Come out, Autobot! We all must die sometime!"
Hot Rod charges him from behind "Not today, Galvatron!" decks Galvatron and the fight was on! It was a good fight by Hot Rod until Galvatron got his hands on him, Hot Rod then grabs the Matrix and having proven himself worthy (think GL power ring or THOR's hammer) as well as having the right spark, the Matrix speaks with the voice of Optimus "ARISE, RODIMUS PRIME!" as it empowers Hot Rod and he grows in size and strength, now possessing the knowledge and power of OPTIMUS COMBINED with all PAST PRIMES!

Rodimus defeats Galvatron with ease and opens the Matrix to destroy Unicron. After that he leads all Autobots out of Unicron then leads them all to retake Cybertron.

After that came the Five Faces of Darkness story that starts about 6 months to a year after the movie. Cybertron is secure, Earth defenses are being augmented and Metroplex is nearly built. Rodimus seems confident as leader, then the Quintessons strike. Rodimus does a have moment when he asks "Why'd I have to be the chosen one?" He nearly gets killed and enters the Matrix which clues him in about the location of their missing friends on the Quint's homeworld. After they rescue them, Rodimus realizes he needs some time in the Matrix for more answers and shorts himself out to enter it. ( I suspect that given time he wouldn't need to do that, but Optimus had the thing for 9 million years so his link would be stronger)

Rodimus learns the Quints are their creators, etc etc and leads them to victory.

Season 3 of the show has Rodimus depicted as a calm/confident leader at time and other times crying about how he hates being leader. Which is normal for a new leader, plus being a chosen one is an awful responsibility.

Anyway, off camera in the UK Marvel comic we had many stories set in the future with Rodimus in charge, mostly good stories and a lot less whining.

In comic and cartoon, Rodimus was not the cookie cutter leader Optimus was and Rodimus would make decisions like blowing up a planet to stop the Decepticons.

Also off camera were the irate parents griping to Hasbro about their forever traumatize kids crying over Optimus dying in the movie, and then coming back as a zombie agent of the Quints only to die again on the show. Hasbro looked them square in the eye......and blinked.

Thus Optimus was retconned on the cartoon as not being vaporized as a zombie and was repaired and restored to full life. He reclaims the Matrix and empties it to save the cosmos thus ensuring Rodimus ain't happening again for a long time.

When IDW continued the US. G1 Marvel comic story to give it a more proper finish, Optimus trained Hot Rod for years after the comic initially ended so Hot Rod was less impetuous and more ready to take command. He becomes Rodimus Prime and was leading fairly well until the big cosmic threat revealed itself and he realized he'd been duped by it and thus for centuries after Cybertron was lost until his death and the power of the Matrix restored the planet and awoke a new generation of Cybertronian......

Rodimus Prime is Hot Rod but with the wisdom of the ages and power of the Matrix within him. Given time he would have grown into an excellent leader but he was deprived of that time.

Now in any TF story if Optimus is ever killed he returns.

Some vids:






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