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Subj: Re: Babylon 5 question: reboot or prequel movie/series?
Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 at 03:06:40 am EST (Viewed 214 times)
Reply Subj: Babylon 5 question: reboot or prequel movie/series?
Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 at 08:58:47 pm EST (Viewed 317 times)

    Rumors have swirled for years that JMS has allegedly contemplated a reboot theatrical movie of Babylon 5,.....

    .....I have to admit it is tempting to root for such a project.

I don't feel tempted by a reboot but I do feel tempted by a movie that takes place in the Babylon 5 universe subsequent to the events of the series. What I care about are the different races and their interaction. Give us a new member of Londo's people, a new member of G'Kar's people, and so on. I would also like further ruminations on chaos and order, a dichotomy that was central to Michael Moorcock's sci-fi stories, particularly about Elric, which I mention because in this instance I don't care what JMS says one way or the other, he was without a doubt influenced strongly by Michael Moorcock.

    But would a rebooted TV series be better? Such a series could learn from the errors and unfortunate cast changes that were inflicted upon babylon 5

    Michael O'Hare has to leave after Season 1, NOT his fault. It was a mutually amicable decision and JMS a few years back fulfill a promise to the late actor and revealed the truth. The actor was suffering from acute paranoid schizophrenia and the meds were not always working.

I liked the new guy better. But really I was pretty indifferent to all three who made up the One. In fact I never want to see any of them again, which is one big reason I don't want a reboot. Please by all that's holy do not rehash all that One stuff.

    The rather abrupt departure of Talia Winters. She gets juiced up in Season 1, now is telekinetic and becoming a super telepath that can deceive Bester the P12 psi cop. Then after Lyta starts returning, Talia is suddenly revealed as a psi corp mole with a hidden personality that dominated and destroyed her.....that really feels to me like that actress that played Talia wanted out.

    I preferred Lyta anyway ;\)

I'm sure nowadays any sci-fi film would always have at least one badass female. Give us a new one.



    Should JMS consider a movie or mini-series that deals with the time of Babylon 4 and VALEN? We know bits and pieces of that war due to records being lost over time, and that the Narn telepaths were wiped out in that war, but little else.

Please no prequel. I want to move forward.

    There is also the fact that Valen/Sinclair was trapped in a circle of time and that if he deviated from it he could change the future and risk negating the creation of the Babylon stations, thus no B4 or B5, no Valen, no hero to beat the Shadows in the past, etc. That is why as Valen he couldn't leave the Mimbari or Delenn any messages in bottles as it were to warn them of the Earth/Mimbari war and how to prevent it. That war is what started the creation of the Babylon stations.

    We could also see how Valen creates the Grey Council, unites the Mimbari race, creates the Rangers and sets things up for the next 1000 years.

I don't want a prequel but I do want more of the Mimbari, the Grey Council, and the Rangers. (Or did the second and/or third get disbanded? I don't recall. Hopefully not.) I'd like to delve deeper into Mimbari society.

Maybe we could even call this thing "Babylon 6" to really make clear we're breaking new ground. I'd like the captain of Babylon 6 to be a species other than human. A member of Londo's race could be very interesting in that role. We've never seen a devious, conniving captain as far as I know. Usually they're the Thor archetype. Let's try Loki for once.

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