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Subj: The powers of the Immortals
Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 at 10:11:18 pm EST (Viewed 251 times)
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- so I replaced my Busiek/Perez Avengers banner early. Thanks, Iron Man Unit 007, for the Highlander banner! Now: got any more thread topics to keep us talking?

Meanwhile, if anyone actually does want to talk about the Busiek/Perez Avengers, feel free to start a thread about it!

Well to be honest the full powers and capabilities of the immortals are largely unexplored.

1. Immortality: activated when they experience their first death. Their body regenerates back to life and the quickening within them is activated.
However any scars or crippling injuries they received prior to first death remain with them.

Example: if a pre-immortal gets a scar on their face before their first death, that scar is with them after they become immortal. However the wounds that caused their first death do heal when they come back.

2. Rapid regeneration: cut an immortal and they will bleed but quickly begin to heal. the deeper the cut the longer it takes to heal. Slash an immortal in the gut in a sword fight as Duncan did many times to stop them, and they will double over in pain and the wound slowly heals leaving them wide open for the beheading.

Special note: throat/neck wounds do NOT full heal as this is close to being beheaded. A side effect of this injury is that the immortals voice tends to change, example: Kurgan and Kalas

Also an immortal can receive a wound that would kill a mortal and temporarily "die" as their body shuts down to heal. This leaves the immortal dangerously vulnerable unless they are on holy ground, but if a mortal is hunting them then the "penalty" for killing on holy ground does not apply if a mortal does the killing.

3. Proximity sense: the full range of this power is not known but when two or more immortals get within proximity they sense each other's presence. However this does not automatically tell them where the other immortal is, nor does it ever tell WHO the other immortal is. It could be a friend....or not. Also immortals cannot sense mortals but they can sense those destined to be immortal.

4. Occasional ability to find another immortal even if they are across the world. Somehow in the first movie, Kurgan knew which immortals were in New York and also somehow knew the name of the one that Connor struck down in the beginning of the movie. In the third movie, one of Kane's goons somehow traveled the world seeking Connor and somehow knew where to find him.

However this ability is inconsistent and should be considered more of a plot device as the series showed many times an immortal using detective work and treachery to find another immortal's location such as when Kalas was seeking Methos.

5. Special mental powers, some immortals have somehow shown special mental powers such as the power to cast illusions. HL 3 had this and so did a villain of the week in the series. Other immortals such as Cassandra have wielded magic. This is rare as immortals tend to rely in the skills they learn over the years they live and their sword arm.

6. Near perfect memory recollection: immortals tend to remember all aspects of their lives, Methos is 5000+ and is rumored to not remember his first death and quickening but this is rumor.

7. Holy Ground: not a power, exactly. But something about Holy Ground is sanctuary for all immortals be they good or evil. Churches, cemeteries, indian burial grounds are all examples of holy ground. It should be noted that immortals can spar and train on holy ground, but they are forbidden to go for the kill.

HL 3: Kane fights Connor in a Buddhist monastery and went for the kill. Connor blocks the attack but his sword shattered and then the statue of Buddha glowed ominously and both decided to flee.

When Horton confronted Duncan in a crypt in season 2, Duncan tried to kill him but Horton reminded him of Holy Ground and fled. However it is NOT KNOWN if the no killing rule applies to an immortal killing a mortal on holy ground. in Season 3 when an immortal Nazi confronted Duncan's friends on Holy Ground, he intimidated one into fleeing off Holy Ground only to be killed by the villain once he was off Holy Ground. Even the Kurgan wouldn't fight on Holy Ground.

Mortals can kill immortals on Holy Ground, go watch the last episode of Season 1 to see this.

Season 5 episode Little Tin God revealed a legend that two immortals fought in a temple, right before Pompeii was destroyed......an apocryphal tale but one that should be listened to.

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