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Subj: The origins of the immortals........
Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 at 11:01:17 pm EST (Viewed 236 times)
Reply Subj: New banner! Seems like Highlander is a topic we want to talk about -
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- so I replaced my Busiek/Perez Avengers banner early. Thanks, Iron Man Unit 007, for the Highlander banner! Now: got any more thread topics to keep us talking?

Meanwhile, if anyone actually does want to talk about the Busiek/Perez Avengers, feel free to start a thread about it!

HL 1 establishes that the immortals do not know the origins of their existence.

HL 2: they are aliens from Planet Zeist......ugh. The Renegade Director cut omits Zeist and they are apparently time displaced from the distant past or another dimension.......still UGH.

HL 3: no orgin data, HL 2 is disregarded.

HL 4: no origin data.

HL 5: anything revealed about their origins in his disaster of a movie is to be ignored.

HL The TV series: no direct revelations of their origins.

We DO however get confirmation in the series that all immortals being as foundlings/orphans. Their parents if they had any are unknown.....

Also there is the Holy Ground rule.....

I speculated a long time ago and I still stick with this is that The Game is actually a battle between Heaven and Hell.

The immortals are foundlings/orphans because they are either created from nothingness by both sides in the war and cast to Earth to be raised and live until their power is activated. OR: they are spirits cast out from each realm to fight in the war with their memories of being from those realms deleted.

Holy Ground is agreed by both heaven and hell as sanctuary for any immortal and that the killing of one by another on Holy Ground will have extreme cosmic penalties....

The good immortals fight for heaven and the evil for hell, even if none of them realize it. Then there are the immortals whose alignment is more on the fence and subject to change.

Amanda was a thieving cat burglar whose moral code was questionable until Duncan straightened her out.

Richie was a street punk and likely would be an evil immortal had Duncan not given him a chance and some training and act as a moral compass of sorts before he became immortal

Methos: the man is 5000+ years old. While he is for the most part on the side of good, he's had his dark days only to renounce them. But he isn't all high and mighty judgemental like Duncan would be. Methos knows he really can't take the mortal high ground due to his time as one of the Horsemen.

Of course free will being a thing, any immortal can have a change of heart and thus change their alignment. Or be influenced by the power of the quickening such as Darius was and later Duncan was in Season 4 with the Dark Quickening.

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