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Subj: Re: Finally watched the first Highlander movie last night.
Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 at 05:52:27 pm EST (Viewed 273 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Finally watched the first Highlander movie last night.
Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 at 04:55:37 pm EST (Viewed 279 times)

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    This is not the first franchise to have retcon, reboot, multiple world's, multiple time lines.

    DC reboots every few years
    Marvel keeps quasi rebooting with their sliding timescale
    Star trek reboots are another timeline
    Dr who constantly reinvents it's timeline with all the time travel
    Superman movies have been rebooted
    Batman movies have been rebooted
    Flash and Arrow TV shows have the multiverse
    Ghost in the Shell original anime movie and sequel. But stand alone complex is its own time line and so is Arise

    So why do fans have such trouble with the Highlander tv series being an alternate timeline? The movie was clearly meant as a one and only movie then came fan demand and the desire for more money.

Like we said, this is probably the only one where the second installment has to alter the first, and the third alter the second, and so on. Star Trek made it through the original series, 10 movies and 4 sequel series before it rebooted. Marvel and DC had many years and thousands of titles before reboots were necessary. Highlander was not a movie that left itself open for a sequel. If the series had presented basically the same story but expanded over many seasons with a new lead (or a new actor playing Connor) it would have been an alternate timeline and people probably would be okay with it. But saying that the first movie still counts but not all of it is what's hard.

Those are the retcons in comics that are so hard to swallow, the ones that say "you didn't actually see what you saw before." Like when Kon-El joined the Teen Titans and they said "we've always known you were a clone of Superman and some other mystery donor" to open up the door for the "Connor has two daddies" storyline, when the previous 10 years of comics had stated that he was a clone of Paul Westfield and no one else (not Superman). So when the Highlander series refers back to the movie it makes you want to go back and watch the movie, but you have to remember to ignore every time they talk about the Prize or being the last 2 immortals because that doesn't count. They could have done a whole episode retelling the events of the movie and omitting those parts so you didn't have to actually watch the old movie and get confused. At least when comics reboot you usually get a miniseries retelling the old stories with the desired changes.

Doctor Who I would describe as more of a time tourist. He visits other times but he doesn't change time. Whatever he does there was already destined to happen. He doesn't cross his own timeline very often and even then it seems to have no effect.

    The series expanded some of the concepts and rules of the immortals.

As it should. I'll get around to watching the whole thing some day.

    See my threads below for a breakdown of the multiple Highlander timelines

Well that is the problem with Highlander is that the first movie does essentially back them into a corner in terms of sequels. HL3 for it's many problems does make sense in that some immortals were buried alive and thus in stasis during the gathering this if connor ever did have the prize it likely left him when the others revived as he was not mortal nor an omnicisient telepath in HL3

However HL 3 was a mistake of a movie. ItS main function was to try to keep the movies going by negating HL2, which it did. However seas 4 of the series was starting and there was no effort to link to the series thus muddying the waters further.

Then comes HL4 which bookends there series and first movie and it ignores 2 and 3 this adding some confusion to the fans again and gave a sad end to Connor.

An example of a story in comics that leaves writers backed in a corner is death of captain marvel. Bringing him back from that death is....tricky. not impossible, but they just don't​ want to desecrate the story, hence fake revivals and cameos

Or as yogurt says in spaceballs "we will meet again in spaceballs two the search for more money

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