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Subj: Re: The JLA Story, Yes, Tower Of Babel.
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Reply Subj: Peter Parker - Spectacular Spider-Man #3...
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Peter Parker - The Spectacular Spider-Man 003 (2017)

Story/art was okay. Flaws in spots. Fun in spots. More content than Scarlet Spider #6 in general.

Is this post-CEO days? Peter must be bored with so much free time to be so heavily involved with this Burner Phone... Crisis? No. Crime-spree? No. SHIELD/NSA/CIA /FBI most wanted? No. Civilian Priority Sitch? No. Just some a potential troubling problem Spidey wants to get involved with over his "sister" being targetted? Pretty much. Here's my quick reply to some others' 0-Day posts...

    What the hell happened to you Jonah?

He's in a slump and/or spiral. Granted, his strength of character has been stronger than this.

    That Marvel Original Graphic Novel: FAMILY BUSINESS is canon?

SMB knew this.

    Jonah has fallen so far.

Not shaving and trolling the internet isn't THAT telling, is it?

    Oh Jonah, the internet is going to eat you alive.

Heh. Him and Analog Moon. ;\)

    Karnak really is the columbine kid of the inhumans.


    >follow the money
    It's a nice gag by itself and I can already see it reposted in le epin funny /co/ pages thread but it really doesn't fit with JJJ's character anymore at all

Depends on the intended degree of naivety written for him.

    Spider-sense only with eyes closed?!

Yeah, that was... dubious after Fisk had gotten more than 1-2 cheap shots in. BTW, in the past when he's had that jewelled walking stick - was it ever pimped out into a superweapon?

    With all the community points he acquired during the Secret Empire, Wilson Fisk is a saint at this point.

Sadly, it felt like that character direction (from his mini too) was not even noted. (The question of an S.E. Cosmic Reset is still up in the air.)

    >recap page
    this is painfully unfunny

It was okay. Better than a meaningless pic.

    I didn't know that Hugo was the tinkerer's brother.

Not sure the "HUGO" reference but SMB knew this brother angle has been plot point since #1.

    Well, that sucked.

The is may have had flaws but it was okay with some fun moments.

    That first panel is just itching to become a reaction image.

    >that plot
    Isn't there a Justice League comic where this happens? Someone steals Batman's list of how to kill the Justice League?

Wasn't it also the recently cancelled Agents Of SHIELD series' opening arc - Coulson's Protocols or somesuch?

    I love Johnny

He is great as a regular cast. Especially with his overwhelming lack of respect he's been getting from The Bullpen - save for his Uncanny Avengers use.

    So I guess we can add Karnak to the list of people that know Peter's identity. How many does that make it?

What is the count now, anyways?

    >Johnny actually did call Karnak
    Johnnny that's... a HORRIBLE idea.

Well, it is in his character to make horrible decisions. \:\)

    Tinkerer sure upped his game.

Didn't like his youthful Spider-Slayer-wannabe eagerness.

    >Why does it seem like they're making fun of Peter for trying to be a proper super hero?
    >Peter with his silly secret identity. Those are like soooo 90s
    >Wanting only a small group for a stealthy job? Ridiculous, hook me up with some falcon wings and some comically huge guns. I'll show you anyone can do this hero business.
    >Super Heroes shouldn't take the law into their own hands!!!
    >Why does Marvel hate super heroes now?

    Thanks for rhe storyrime anon, but this was really bad, I only saw the J Scott Campbell variant cover for the first issue and I though this could be kind of a good spidey book, I was wrong, hell Pete doesn't even look like him...

    Even the OGN where MJ was bequeathed a Scottish castle from a distant relative is canon?


    >Scottish castle OGN
    -Spirits of the Earth. It's gorgeous but kinda dumb. Like almost all the Spider-Man graphic novels.

    I mean Kingpin's being Kingpin, using legal arguments and moral ambiguity to cover his crimes.

    He's a bad guy spidey! Insult his weight!

Yeah, that was odd. Spidey second guessing and politically correcting his patented bad guy mocking.

    What the eff? We're just telling inhumans about secret identities now? &^%$ing Inhumans? Inhumans that just a few months ago were on the opposite side of the Civil War from Peter? The ones that BOMBED STARK'S BUILDING DURING THAT WAR?

    Dammit Marvel. I was actually excited about Teresa coming back, but only because I wanted Peter to have a non powered friend/relative working on the inside of SHIELD relaying information to him. Sorta like a Jean DeWolff/George Stacy type deal. But noooo, they had to give her super shit. Why does Marvel feel it's necessary to give every damn side character super stuff?

Gaining another NYPD connection in any/all of the Spider-books would be a good thing.

    I kind of like this, kind of don't. The way P-Peter stutter is annoying. Some dialogue is just off; like he was written to sound younger than he is.

The is may have had flaws but it was okay with some fun moments. Not so much the stutter.

    Spider-Man works best when he's campy, yet able to tackle darker issues at the drop of a hat. It's a hard balance to juggle.

    Imagine if the guy who got your aunt shot when he found out who you are and forced you to retcon reality so that he would forget it suddenly said your name.

    Spirits of the Earth is about MJ getting a castle and it turns out that there is a secret death laser under it. There's camp and then there's secret death lasers under your Scottish castle.

If you say so.

    Peter is going to date?kiss?bed? his not-sister?

It's Torch that should win her heart (for awhile at least).

    >insult regret
    This book is just terrible. Zdarsky can't write dialogue to save his life.

    Kingpin's entire scheme in comics is that he's basically untouchable, he knows the law better than you so that any hero that tries to bust him is the one who gets screwed over more. He controls his empire very well out in the open while still no one can touch him.

    So why is Spider-man throwing the first punches here and giving Kingpin reason to defend himself? Does Spider-man still not know the game after all these years? You can't just go up and punch Kingpin, you need hard info on him if you want a chance at doing damage

Spidey did regress into a bit amateurish in this light. Also, when Kingpin spoke as Captain of Industry, reference to Peter's tenure as CEO seemed intentionally ignored.

    I'll put up with this series as long as they keep Johnny and Pete together. They're great.


That alarm f/x was an effective part of the page layouts.

    >falcon wings and some comically huge guns
    Don't worry. Falcon's gonna take it back in a month anyhow.

"Good Punisher" was a really lame impulse codename to come up with. Plus, instant super hero makeovers can get annoying (see Rayshaun Patriot) but at least Teresa has SHIELD qualified training. Still, she should not got that route.

    I was so hyped for a Zdarsky Spidey comic. What a letdown.

    Zdarsky is Canadian.

    maybe it wasn't the best idea to not give her a mask

There's that too!!!

    >>is it odd kingpin is asking him about peter?
    no, spidy is/was his bodyguard/mascot like a week ago and here's his sister

    >>Inhumans hate
    If we're blaming all inhumans for what some of of them do, does that mean that we can blame all mutants for all of their crap.

    wasn't tinkerer older?

    i like this page with karnak watching a sleeping teresa

    wasn't tinkerer older?

    >Jonah's dad passes away
    >Jonah gets his wife and foster daughter back only for them to die again
    >Jonah gets fired in disgrace

He is PROPER returned as a regular cast in a true Spider-book now that Silk is done.

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Very good story, written by Mark Waid and drawn by Howard Porter. Check it out, it's good.

Did Peter and Fisk actually have a fight this issue? It sounds awesome, as the two of them have VERY rarely engaged in a physical fight since the 80's (I can only think of two occasions off the top of my hand.). I miss the two of them really being adversaries, so if they are in this book, it sounds like it's worth checking out.

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