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Subj: Re: Ben Reilly - Scarlet Spider #8...
Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 at 02:11:00 pm EDT (Viewed 176 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Ben Reilly - Scarlet Spider #8...
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    Ben Reilly - Scarlet Spider 008 (2017)

    · Good cover!
    · Another really good issue in a row!
    · Extremely welcome Secret Empire footnoting and aftermath continuity.
    · Satisfying way to move Kaine to a different plotline.
    · An intro of -or return of- The Hornet that works fine.
    · Didn't Death agree to not take the girl too? Having her need the cure still is a curious twist. Source plot device for the mystery introduction to Dr. Sheldon Sanders that will probably happen next ish. Hmm... wonder if he's related to Speed Demon?
    · Huh, some of Las Vegas wasn't obliterated during S.E.? Ditto, some portion of it's population. It looks like Mercury apparently cares some for the city too.
    · Fun kiss moment. Funny inside joke about Death added.
    · Decent Hornet/Scarlet Spider battle. LOVED the innovative visual/POV panel with Ben running up his webline to Hornet that he tethered to a transport!
    · BTW, when and why and how did Wolverine Kill The Hornet previously?
    · Nice last page appearance and surprise with Ricochet! Looks like The Slingers title solicited is starting here.
    · Fun mistaken identity. Another funny inside joke about Death added.
    · BTW, what was Ricochet's last storyline? That D-List Loners mini?

I think Wolverine was mind controlled at the time by Hydra (Enemy of the State?) when he killed Eddie.

I'm hoping this Hornet really is Eddie McDonough. I always hated that he was killed off. He has cerebral palsy which my mom has so I've always liked the character.

Where was Ben during Secret Empire? He lives in Vegas.

As for Kaine I've been a little sick and tired of him trying to kill Ben. Like Kaine's never mass murdered a bunch of people and been forgiven for it. Why can't he cut Ben some slack? To me it seems like he's just looking for a new excuse to kill Ben like he always has and it really isn't about anything Ben's done. (we really need a Ben/Kaine team up book)

It isnt that Kaine feels that Ben is bad but he is disappointed in him. In the limited series with Kaine as Scarlet Spider it was pretty clear that Kaine was trying to live up to who Ben had been, and the guilt he carried. Now Ben is back, isnt the whiter than white soul Kaine thought he was after the torture he went through, but now he is cured of clone degeneration after Kaine went through years of agony, only to be cured and now have a less painful version of it come back. Ben of course has a terrible experience, goes bad and then seemingly is returning to normal.

And Kaine who has always felt inadequate ever since the Jackal cast him out, he cant bear it.

And it isnt that Kaine hates Ben... its the opposite. He loves him and to see what Ben did as the Jackal rocked Kaines ideals and belief in how he could earn his own redemption. In fact it seems Ben says he can be redeemed and he gets the lucky break. Kaine has to fight every bloody inch for what he gets.

What Kaine doesnt get is that the torture Ben has been through since he died in PP75 has possibly been deeper even than the years of pain Kaine went through. In a way Ben has fallen further, his actual soul is blackened and breaking but Kaine just sees those pretty boy looks and it burns him up.

Theyll be friends in the end. But then, they actually always have been. Apart from Kaine trrying to kill Ben regularly. Well they are more than friends I guess, brothers.

I want to see Janine back and a follow up to Redemption Part 2.

Ben has a point about Kaine too. The way Kaine treated Janine and Ben and killed people, not a hero. But then he was in terrible pain. Its about empathy. Ben until recently always had empathy, it was made him such a great guy, better than Peter even imho. The best Spider-Man so far. But when he lost that, when the Jackal took that he fell, far and fast.

THAT for Ben is pretty scary stuff. And Kaine is like... 'But you were meant to be better than that! You had all the breaks! You can't just be like me!!!

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