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Subj: Re: Wait, Didn't Nate Gray (X-Man.) Know As Well?
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    Aside from the obvious, such as Mary Jane, the Black Cat, Aunt May and Norman Osborn. Off the top of my head, I have: Daredevil (I still think that he should have figured it out/relearned it since BND.). Wolverine Harry Osborn-Before his death. Ditto for Bart Hamilton. The Burglar who killed Uncle Ben, before HE died too. Geez! Morlun- Didn't he know during The Other? Ezekiel Sims Ben Urich-Found out during The Pulse. Captain Stacy-Revealed before HE died, too. Kazar- He is on the list, but when did he find out? And How? The Jackal- Did Warren know post mindwipe? Actually, during the second Clone Saga, didn't he believe that BEN was really Spidey and that Peter was the Clone? The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man, although that was a one-off. The Human Torch Didn't Robbie Robertson know,Too? It was hinted at during Kraven's Last Huht. And thinking about it, he certainly SHOULD either know or be able to figure it out. Doctor Strange-Didn't he find out during the JMS Run? Eddie Brock and Mac Gargan-Didn't Brock forgot, though? And I don't think that anything was ever done with Gargan. Ben Reilly, and Kaine (I think.). Is there anybody Else? Oh yeah, Iron Man and Captain America. Thanks for the help. I guess that list isn't TOO bad, considering that about 90% or so of his supporting cast and villains didn't know. He certainly did a lot better than Batman or Daredevil.

I think Ben Reilly's girlfriends Janine Godbe and Jessica Carradine (the burglar's daughter) knew as well as his best friend Seward Trainer. At the very least Jessica was under the impression Ben Reilly was Spider-Man AND the nephew of Ben Parker...maybe she thinks Spider-Man is Peter Parker's cousin.

I seem to recall an issue or two where he seemed to know. This was circa Onslaught or thereabouts. Also, Puma knew, but I read that he forgot at one point. Did this happen, and if so, how?

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