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Subj: Re: Before Civil War, Who Knew Peter's "Secret" Identity?
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Reply Subj: Before Civil War, Who Knew Peter's "Secret" Identity?
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Aside from the obvious, such as Mary Jane, the Black Cat, Aunt May and Norman Osborn. Off the top of my head, I have: Daredevil (I still think that he should have figured it out/relearned it since BND.). Wolverine Harry Osborn-Before his death. Ditto for Bart Hamilton. The Burglar who killed Uncle Ben, before HE died too. Geez! Morlun- Didn't he know during The Other? Ezekiel Sims Ben Urich-Found out during The Pulse. Captain Stacy-Revealed before HE died, too. Kazar- He is on the list, but when did he find out? And How? The Jackal- Did Warren know post mindwipe? Actually, during the second Clone Saga, didn't he believe that BEN was really Spidey and that Peter was the Clone? The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man, although that was a one-off. The Human Torch Didn't Robbie Robertson know,Too? It was hinted at during Kraven's Last Huht. And thinking about it, he certainly SHOULD either know or be able to figure it out. Doctor Strange-Didn't he find out during the JMS Run? Eddie Brock and Mac Gargan-Didn't Brock forgot, though? And I don't think that anything was ever done with Gargan. Ben Reilly, and Kaine (I think.). Is there anybody Else? Oh yeah, Iron Man and Captain America. Thanks for the help. I guess that list isn't TOO bad, considering that about 90% or so of his supporting cast and villains didn't know. He certainly did a lot better than Batman or Daredevil.

You want a list? I'll give you a list. \:\) It was written pre Spider-Island so some of the 'dead / alive' entries may be off a bit. \:\(

Those Alive:

* Kaine (off panel)
Peter's Clone.

* Jessica Carradine (Sensational Spider-Man #4)
She found out Ben's identity when she photographed him unmasked. Ben would have had to have informed Jessica who Peter was to make sense of their shared history.

* Elizabeth Tyne (The Lost Years #2)
Ben told her when he fell in love with her.

* Black Cat (Spectacular Spider-Man #87)
Peter took her home and unmasked to her directly.

* Charlie Clemmens (Tangled Web #9, flashback)
His son was given CPR by Spidey, but as he recovered, he accidentally tore off Spidey's mask with Charlie present. No idea how Charlie figured out Peter's name, but he clearly knows later - he may have recognised Peter from the 'Webs' tour.

* Daredevil (Spectacular Spider-Man 107)
Matt Murdoch heard Aunt May call a being he recognised as having Spidey's heartbeat, 'Peter Parker', and later burst out Peter's name in a fight, confirming his already water-tight suspicions.

* The original New Avengers (various, mainly New Avengers #2)
Luke knew first, although the circumstances of his finding out were never made clear. He was part of a group who confronted Daredevil in his civilian identity. At that meeting, Peter was in his civilian garb. Captain America probably already knew as he had access to SHIELD files and had been previously introduced to Mary Jane by Spidey, enough of a clue to infer who Spidey was. Ultimately, Cap saw Peter without his mask when it was torn from him on the Raft and Rogers admitted he knew who Peter was. Sentry, Ronin, Skrull Spider-Woman, Iron Man and Skrull Jarvis were all then given the information as New Avengers members.

* Black Panther, Iron Fist & Hank Pym (various)
They knew who Peter was by hanging around Avengers Tower. T'Challa and Pym definitely knew by the time of The Other at the very least.

* Fantastic Four (various, but see specifically Spider-Man & Human Torch #5)
Reed knew first and probably guessed from the pieces of information he previously had. He'd also met with Peter in civilian clothes at least once before, in the company of Daredevil and Luke Cage. Human Torch found out next when Peter was forced to reveal his identity to curb an incident at Midtown High. Thing and Sue were then formally given the information after that.

* Wolverine (Spider-Man vs. Wolverine: High Tide, Secret War #1, and Marvel Knights: Spider-Man vs. Wolverine #3)
He first detected Peter in Germany. He held on to that information for a considerable amount of time (particularly during the Perceptions story, where is knowledge of Pete's ID is a big part of the plot) but he later inexplicably forgot. Spidey was forced to unmask to Wolverine during a mission, and chose to divulge his identity a second time. Wolvie apparently forgot AGAIN, because in Secret War, he didn't recognise Peter until he picked up Pete's scent. If you count Brand New Day, he's found out who Peter is a fourth time! If anybody is wise, they should make a running joke of this. \:\)

* Angel (Marvel Fanfare #2)
Peter travelled to the Savage Land where he was transformed into Man-Spider. When he reverted back, Angel - who was present - recognised Peter, who was also on the trip in his civilian identity.

* Professor X (Marvel Team-Up Annual #1, at least)
Never mind the fact that the guy is a mind-reader... no, the mind reader... at one point, Peter is part of a group attending a conference on Mutation on a plane. As Pete has to suit up into Spidey mode to help the X-Men, he disappears from the delegation. Peter realises at the end of the adventure that this will provoke questioning, but Xavier mind wipes the crew to make them forget the civilian identities of the heroes on the plane. Therefore, makes sense here that Xavier knows just who Peter is, as he'd know Peter is absent and has to cover for him.

* Robbie Robertson
It's always going to be a debate whether Robbie knew or not. I think he did, most of the time, but he says in Friendly Neighbourhood Spidey that he never did. You can make up your own mind here. \:\)

* Ka-Zar & Shanna (Marvel Fanfare #2)
Ka-Zar and Shanna were present in the aforementioned Man-Spider tale.

* Nick Fury (Daredevil 307 approx., or Marvel Knights Spider-Man vs. Wolverine #1)
In a particular Daredevil issue, Fury confronted DD in his Murdock identity. He pointed out to Murdock that, of course he knew the civilian identities of Marvel heroes, and that he'd already paid a visit to Punisher and Spidey. That doesn't show for sure he knows who Spider-Man is, but it's a very strong indication. Anyway, he reveals he knows for sure at a later point.

* Venom (off-panel)
The Costume found out when it bonded with Spidey. Brock found out when the Costume told him.

* Stunner (Amazing Spider-Man #307, Web of Death)
When Doc Ock unmasked Peter, Stunner was on hand. She never mentions in any subsequent appearances she has this information, though, which makes me think the writers forgot she knew it.

* Judas Traveller, Chakra, Boone, Medea, Mr. Nacht (off-panel)
Either Norman told the Scriers, who told Traveller, who told his Host, or Traveller somehow found out with his very inconsistently portrayed powers. We don't know either way. By the time of Power and Responsibility, the Host not only know Peter's identity, but Ben Rielly's.

* Norman & Harry Osborn (Amazing Spider-Man #39, and Amazing Spider-Man #135)
If you don't know how Norman found out, shame on you. Harry originally found out by seeing Spidey leave his apartment and then later found a Spidey outfit in Peter's drawer, which confirmed his already strong suspicions. Harry and Norman both suffered bouts of amnesia which consistently clouded their knowledge of Peter's ID, but I don't have time to mark them all here.

* Maria Hill (off-panel)
She'd have access to SHIELD records, and later admits as much.

* Several SHIELD Agents

* Telepathic Mutant, unnamed (Marvel Knights #5)
Read Peter's mind accidentally. It's a shame that the promises made at the time that this Mutant would have significance weren't ever followed up on.

* May & Mary Jane (Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 & Spider-Man: Parallel Lives, or off-panel in Amazing Fantasy #15)
May found an unconscious Peter with a torn Spidey outfit and confronted him about it. Mary Jane saw Spidey climb out of Peter's bedroom window but until Puma later attacked Peter in his apartment, she was never 100% sure she'd seen what she saw.

* Ken Ellis (Spider-Man: The Final Adventure)
Ellis does what Betty Brant was never able to do. Just piece together the obvious. Peter moving to Portland and then Spidey also appearing there was the final clue, though. Robbie Robertson stops him from printing the evidence publically, however. Bless Robbie, eh. \:\)

* High Evolutionary (Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand)
Makes sense if he was sharing notes with Miles Warren. Either way, he confirms he knows much later to Spidey's face.

* Gabriel & Sarah Stacy (Amazing Spider-Man #509)
Peter carelessly revealed his identity to them by leaping onto a bus. Oh well.

* Jewel (off-panel?)
I don't recall how Jessica Jones found out, but I know she later knows. Seeing as how Bendis revealed Peter's identity to everybody...

* Pauch Paucholito (Marvel Team-Up #130)
When Spidey conversed with Paucholito and addressed him by name, Pauch figured out Spidey's identity on the spot owing to the fact that Peter Parker was missing. And why hasn't anybody else put two and two together? \:\)

* Ben Urich (Pulse #4)
Upon rereading it, Ben confirms he knows for sure who Spidey is because of a combination of the camera lenses he uses, the fact that Pete always smell of soot (like Matt Murdock - who Ben also knows the identity of), and the confirmation of his suspicions is when Pete in his civilian identity confirms he knows the identity of Daredevil - a piece of information Spidey should know, but not Peter Parker.

* Gargan Scorpion (Marvel Knights #10)
Informed by Norman Osborn.

* Alyosha Kravinoff (Get Kraven #1)
He pieces together the information off panel. And it makes no damn sense. If not for Beyond! confirming this as continuity, I'd ignore it right here and now. But as it stands, Alyosha says he finds out by 'Pete's scent'. Apparently.

* Space Phantom (Beyond #1)
He mimics Spidey in Beyond!, giving him access to Spidey's memories.

* Thanos & Death (Spider-Man #17)
Spidey dies in an accident and ends up in the afterlife, confronted by Thanos and Death. Thanos displays full knowledge of Peter's alter-ego there.

* Mephisto
I'll ignore other 'cosmic' beings because only Death & Mephisto ever refer to Peter's ID significantly.

* Dr. Strange (Marvel Team-Up Annual #5)
Strangely, we never find out quite how Doc knows, but he does.

* Eros / Ms. Arrow, Shathra, Morlun
The previous three are supernatural beings with a link to Spidey's Totem (yes, I did just write that). They all display knowledge of his identity gained by these mystical means.

* Madame Web (Amazing Spider-Man 210)
Power psychic, read his mind, told his fortune, etc.

* Black Widow & Daisy Johnson (Secret War #1)
Spidey's identity is left uncovered to everybody who goes on Nick Fury's Secret War against Latveria. Plus, Natasha probably knew from SHIELD files anyway.

* Lizard (Quality of Life #4)
He reveals he knows who Peter is during an off-the-cuff comment in Quality, where he says he's 'sorry for earlier', and it's made explicit later in Slither, but we never find out how he knows exactly. You'd think Connors just pieced it together after all these years. But yeah, it's off-panel anyway.

* Ethan Edwards (Sensational Spider-Man V.2 #15, but he knew before then)
X-Rays through Peter's mask.

* Absorbing Man (Sensational Spider-Man V.2 #14)
Spidey drops his wallet and the Absorbing Man gets access to the info inside.

* Marvel Girl (at least since Marvel Knights Spider-Man #5)
Reads Spidey's mind and also comes from a future where his identity is public knowledge

* The Cult of the Scriers (off-panel, revealed in the Osborn Journal)
As revealed to them by Norman Osborn, like Osborn does with many, many others. I do find this improbable, like other posters have pointed out, but it is what it is. It's never shown how many Scriers know for sure, but the indication is they all know. My question is why nobody ever used the information, if they're such a crime cartel?

* Chameleon (Spectacular Spider-Man #424).
Captures Spidey and unmasks him. Simply put. What stuns me is he didn't figure it out in ASM #350, but he didn't...

* Thor (Marvel Team-Up #7)
When Kryllik takes over the 616 reality by freezing time, only Thor and Peter Parker manage to escape. Peter quickly changes to Spidey and, strangely, the Norse diety doesn't really comment on the fact that he's just seen Spidey's face. Peter never mentions his name to Thor at any point in the story, and never in their history does Thor mention he knows Spidey's secret ID, but in Spidey MK #7, Spidey confirms Thor knows it for sure. This must have happened off panel either here or later. Or perhaps Peter is incorrectly assuming Thor knows.

* She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, The Falcon, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Magneto, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Polaris, Storm, Rogue - anybody else who remembers House of M
Contentious, but all of these guys would know. Shulk, Marvel and Falc definitely know as they are shown in Avengers Tower with this knowledge. The others were involved with House of M where Peter's identity was public (and he was a celebrity, so people did know who were paying attention. However, I'm not sure some of these people would have cared. Either way there is a very legitimate case that they all know who he is from there.

Those who knew who have forgotten:

* Puma
Once tracked Peter to his apartment and later used the information to glean Spidey's identity. His memory of the identity was wiped by Black Crow, but it seems his memories were later restored along with his humanity.

* Dr. Octopus
Unmasked an unconscious Spidey. When he is later resurrected, his memories are digitally restored from a time before he unmasked Pete.

* Carnage, Shriek, John Jameson, Wildwhip, Vermin and any other Ravencroft villain
Carnage is told by Judas Traveller who Spidey is and unmasks him to the Ravencroft massiv. The information is later psychically wiped by Judas Traveller who does not possess psychic powers. Oh well.

* Carrion 2 & 3 (Unsure if Carrion 3 knew, but Carrion 2 definitely has forgotten)
The hosts have no memory of what happens when they are Carrion, plus Judas Traveller wiped McBride's memory.

* Charlotte Whitter
Beats me how the heck she found out. She forgot because Madame Web wiped her memory. Now if only Web had done that to Norman Osborn...

* Mattie Franklin
When Charlotte Whitter broke into Spidey's apartment, Mattie - who was visiting - was given the privilege of seeing Spidey's identity exposed for her to see. Unfortunately for her, Madame Web blanked her memory too.

* Gaunt
Gaunt was told, like many villains on this list, by Norman Osborn. And like no other villain here, he forgot when Osborn fried his brain giving him irrepairable brain damage. Well, it's novel I suppose.

* Debra Whitman (unsure what she did or didn't remember)
Peter unmasked to her, but she was later convinced by Peter and her shrink that it was a trick.

* Hammerhead (in Lifeline)
He became omnipotent and tried to tempt Peter with a revival of Gwen Stacy. When he lost his omnipotency, he lost his knowledge.

* Normie Osborn
Peter's name is mentioned in conjunction with Spidey to Normie several times, most noticably in Spec. Spidey #200. He had to know. And he keeps giving Pete and MJ the 'evil eye' many times after that. In Spider-Girl continuity, this knowledge rips him up until he later becomes a new Green Goblin. In current continuity, Normie never said for sure he knew who Peter was, and I guess now the point is moot.

* Rhino (in Tangled Web)
He became the smartest person ever and just figured it out. But the genius intellect he'd inherited damaged his brain and he soon forgot when the intellect was drained.

The Dead who Knew:

* The Chief Examiner
He reads Spidey's mind.

* Spidercide, Guardian, Jack and many other Clones

* Scarlet Spider

* The Thousand
First person to discover it, he saw Peter leap on to the side of the building in the first display of Peter's powers. He later pieced two-and-two together when he saw Spidey in the media.

* Burglar Carradine
Spidey unmasked to him as he died.

* Tanya Anderssen
Spidey revealed his powers in front of her in the Savage Land and later, after being transformed into Man-Spider, was revealed to her.

* Jackal (And various Jackal Clones)
The Jackal claims he found out by following Peter one night and seeing him change, but that diary was later revealed as a forgery. Nobody knows for sure.

* Bart Hamilton
Told by Harry Osborn. Makes a difference from Norman telling everyone, eh?

* The Genetically Modified Actress of Byrne-Mackie Doom
Okay, back to Norman again...

* Joyce Delaney (Gwen's Clone) (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #8)
Saw Peter change in an alley, and probably suspected beforehand after the original Clone Saga. If not, she's an idiot. \:\)

* The Stalker
Read Spidey's mind when he saved him from an accident.

* Carrion I
He had the Jackal's memories. Don't ask him if he's a Clone. Or Ben Rielly thrown down a smokestack.

* Ezekial Simms
Hired detectives to find out for him and using the information correlated from them, pieced Spidey's name together for himself.

* Ranger
I'm not sure it was ever revealed, beyond some vague Mackiesian 'I know things you don't know', and I'm not sure anybody cares. You shouldn't. Trust me.

* Harry 'Clone'
One of the stupidest story twists ever, when the fifth Green Goblin is unmasked as... a Clone. Yes, it IS a Clone. And a stupid one at that.

* Seward Trainer
Ben Rielly told him. Except later it was revealed Norman Osborn told him first. Just like Norman told everybody else, except The Ranger

* The Teacher (in Cult of Love)
He saw Spidey without his mask. I'm not sure if he should be here or in the 'saw his face' list - I can't remember the story clearly.

* Female assassin (From Wild Blue Yonder)
She found Spidey's wallet, with the Absorbing Man. I'm surprised she never told Owl.

* Angelo Fortunato
Bonded with Venom Symbiote who told him everything he needed to know.

* Seymour O'Rielly (he finds out, then he dies!)
Was present when Angelo Fortunato attacked Spidey at Midtown High, and revealed his identity to Seymour inadvertently.

* She-Venom / Ann Weying
She'd have the knowledge of the Venom Symbiote, like Fortunato, Brock and Gargan.

* Scientist from Wolverine vs. Spidey Marvel Knights series (never calls Peter by name, but he knows Spidey is a 'science whiz')
He also has access to SHIELD information - definitely genetic information, which Fury admits in the same series to leading him to Peter's identity - so presumably this is what happens here.

* George Stacy
I think there's a specific retcon story where he figures it out but I can't for the life of me remember where.

* Alison Mongraine
Some blabbermouth Goblin told her. Any guesses who?

* Paul Patterson, the Golden Child
He read Spidey's mind.

* Timmy Harrison
Peter unmasked for Timmy.

* Nate Grey (although as an X-Man character, he's due a resurrection any moment now)
He read Spidey's mind. What with all of this psychic mind-reading, you'd think Spidey would have Phoenix leave a psionic trap there or something.

* Robot Simulcrae of Richard & Mary Parker. No, really.
Peter told them. Idiot.

Those who know what Spider-Man looks like, but not his name:

* Cloak & Dagger
In a VERY disturbing surreal scene where Dagger pulls off Spidey's mask when they embrace and start to kiss. Pete is totally unconcerned about these two seeing his face and the scene plays out with Spidey casually unmasked. I don't know what that scene is about but it is weird. I also think Cloak retains memories of House of M, but I'm not sure - if he does, he might know, as with the other heroes above.

* Jigsaw & Piledriver
And possibly other characters in the breakout from the Raft in New Avengers #2. Not everybody could tell what he looked like, as Tombstone was present and although he knows who Peter is, he didn't recognise Peter as Spidey. All because one of the inmates ripped off Peter's mask.

* Bounty
She trashed a bar where Spidey was working and he revealed his powers to her.

* Sauron & Brainchild (Sauron has seen Spidey naked on at least two occasions - kinky)
The first time, Karl Lykos transforms Man-Spider back into Spider-Man, and in the event Spidey falls to the floor naked, save for tatters. The second time, Brainchild trusses up Spidey and the New Avengers as a glorified meat market. I say no more.

* The Hood, Wasp, Gravity, Medusa, Deathlok
All in Beyond! - they see the unmasked face of Peter being copied by Space Phantom. Alyosha refers to Spidey as 'Peter Parker', and Space Phantom mutters the name of Mary Jane, but it's unsure who hears either utterance, or what anybody makes of it. Hank Pym, present, also knows who Peter is but unlike Alyosha, doesn't mention it at all.

* Dex (presumably)
He is around when Morlun confronts an unmasked Spidey.

* Sailor & his son (in Deadly Lads from Liverpool arc)
Defeated by Knight & Fogg, an amnesiac Peter winds up on their boat. They look after him until he remembers who he is.

* Vulture
He captures the unmasked Peter from a hospital bed. Although he's very familiar with Peter Parker (see Death in the Family), he doesn't recognise Peter's face - maybe because of how beaten up Peter is. Even so, he sees enough of the face to know that Peter looks 'average'. This was a big continuity blooper to me.

* Black Tarantula
Unmasked Peter in an alley. It's inferred Black Tarantula didn't see his face, but you can't tell clearly.

* The Doctors in the original Mad Dog Ward trilogy
Peter is dragged in to the ward and unmasked. However, the doctors don't immediately find out who he is until they do more tests. Reminds me a bit of 'Batman RIP', where Nightwing is unmasked.

* The reporter in the DeFalco 'Scoop' story, with a 'real' Spidey on cover
He sees an unmasked Peter changing his costume, but can't remember what he looks like when the time comes to remember.

* Tracer
He breaks into Avengers Tower, knows who Aunt May is, and I think gets a bit of information about Peter but I don't think he has full access to Peter's identity. The scene is unclear. I'd like to see this guy back sometime.

* Joey Beal.
Yet another Timmy Harrison. Bleuch. Spidey unmasks to him and then bows. And nobody cares. Why was Morbius Man-Bat in this story anyway?

* Guy in Alley (Spidey vs. Wolverine)
Spidey ran up a wall to quickly change to stop a sniper, but during the change, a homeless guy saw him without his mask - he was more bothered with procuring money than Spidey's identity.

Updates welcome.