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Subj: Re: Ben Reilly - Scarlet Spider #9: For crying out loud...
Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 at 03:15:14 pm EDT (Viewed 228 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Ben Reilly - Scarlet Spider #9: For crying out loud...
Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 at 11:27:27 am EDT (Viewed 256 times)

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    Ben Reilly - Scarlet Spider 009

    Good art. Perfect cover. Interesting story. Witty dialogue. Ecclectic cast. TWO Letters Pages (great column name). Who's this Misty?!! Diva deduces. Ricochet's boots! Exciting clifhanger.

I'm guessing this Misty is neither Misty Knight or Millie the Model's niece. (but wouldn't it be hilarious if Millie's niece was a villain after all)

My gut tells me her father is the Maha Yogi but I think he was awakened in modern times in a Thor comic so maybe Misty is too old to be fathered by Maha Yogi in the modern age.

What other mystic besides Dr. Druid (who already has a long lost kid we didn't know about) is a mystic that uses an eye as iconography? (Maha Yogi had a tattoo of an eyeball on his chest in Genis's old series...and PAD wrote that series). And that golden eyeball necklace makes him seem like a wizard who is also a pimp.

    For crying out loud! Did YOU like it?

So that was Dusk crawling out of Misty's trunk right? She's already on the case. How does a retired super hero pick up the trail of a budding super villain so quickly?

I'm assuming Misty is Hornet's girlfriend so if I assume Misty is Maha Yogi's daughter maybe Hornet is the son of another villain. Or maybe he's just someone we know. He kinda reminds of the way Phil Urich used to half ass being the Green Goblin but Ben and Hornet didn't act like the other seemed familiar. And my go to guess that I always suggest when a mysterious person pesters Ben or Kaine being Spidercide was thrown right out when Ben's spider sense went off. Maybe Hornet is really Ben's old New Warriors teammate Hindsight Lad who is all miffed Turbo never shared her space armor with him like she said he would and he just stole Eddie's identity after Wolverine impaled him. (no that's just crazy talk).

Is Misty's dad Mysterio? Or some new version of Mysterio? He's kind of mentioned in the letters page, and that trick of Misty's could have been illusion just as easily as magic. (Especially since she saw the photo of the wife before she made the zombie thing)


A mystic and a pimp?


I don't know if that was supposed to be Dusk in Misty's trunk. Why would someone who could teleport need to ride in someone's trunk? How could she have known that Misty would use THAT car? I guess she could have teleported into the trunk when she saw Misty get in, but again, why would she need to?

I also assume Misty is Hornet's girlfriend, which either makes the tentacle thing an illusion, or probably means the zombie wife wasn't a simple illusion.

I'm wondering why Hornet is pretending to be Eddie. It's not like Eddie had all that great a rep to tread on, right? It would be great if it turned out to be Hindsight Lad, but I think if it were, he'd have been more convincing about having been on a team w/

I'm late to the game, only having picked up these last couple issues due to the Slingers guest stars. Do we know why Thorne hates Mercury so much, or why they have different last names?

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