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Subj: Amazing Spider-Man #792: 0-Day...
Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 at 11:05:10 pm EST (Viewed 215 times)
Reply Subj: Last week's Amazing Spider-Man #792 (Venom Inc. pt. 2) good? (NO SPOILERS)
Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 at 06:02:17 pm EST (Viewed 234 times)

    Still trying to get a copy. Have Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Alpha #1 now, but haven't read it yet.

Amazing Spider-Man 792 (2018)

Here's only about 1/2 others censored 0-Day on this ish at fourchan. It pretty much covers the key elements to comment on.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)14:04:03 No.97462311
    Slott and Costa are trying really hard to make Peter evil and have the symbiote hate him.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)14:13:02 No.97462496
    >everyone is Venom on last page
    Yeah it's okay. It's not like we've had this exact same storyline this very year

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)14:13:42 No.97462512
    Spider-Man is being really &^%$ing annoying. Did the writers just forget about the heart-to-heart in Space Knight?

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)14:23:50 No.97462704
    They are trying to make the symbiote hate Spider-Man even more so that It wants to keep being his enemy and want to kill him. More fuel for the hatred of Venom. They are also making Flash hurt it with his Anti-Venom suit and Peter making him take a piece of his body. It’s all set-up for the symbiote hating both and returning to his one true love, Eddie Brock.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)14:27:38 No.97462770
    Pete's already at risk of losing his new job? Jeez. Also, I assume this means Ned Leeds is still alive after all.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)14:28:43 No.97462787
    >everyone is Venom on last page
    Gotta admit, this is lazy with the designs. Venomverse wasn't as good as it should've been, but at least the designs were good.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)14:31:21 No.97462837
    Slott's been on this book since a bit before spider island!

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)14:39:00 No.97462959
    Well, technically Slott's been on since Brand New Day started. He was one of the 3 rotating writers, and made new villains such as Mr. Negative, Screwball, and Paperdoll.
    He only took over the book full time when bigtime happened, so around #648.
    So he's technically been on the book for almost a decade.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)14:40:02 No.97462981
    >So he's technically been on the book for almost a decade.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)14:43:01 No.97463049
    Who the hell are these "five families" that are suddenly so super-duper important that Black Cat needs to suck up? These people are super-villains, they shouldn't give a crap about presumably Italian dumb Mob families, the Kingpin sure as hell never did.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)14:44:56 No.97463081
    >everyone is Venom on last page
    Even one of them standing a chance with an Anti-Venom? Come on, we all know they can't do a thing to Flash.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)14:45:32 No.97463091
    Isn't Maniac totally badass guys?

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)14:47:36 No.97463125
    Wait, if Spider-Man already knew that this place was Black Cat's lair, why the fuck didn't he try busting her earlier?

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)14:54:07 No.97463228
    >cute symbiote
    One of the few good thing of this issue

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)15:20:27 No.97463701
    >>"Weird. We used to date."
    Oh yeah, that's right, that's a thing that happened.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)15:29:53 No.97463896
    It's difficult for me to consider Price cool when he stole his symbiote and name from a little girl. That'd be like draining Katie Power's energy and calling himself De-Energizer.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)15:48:13 No.97464205
    Love this banter at the end between Peter and Flash.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)15:48:28 No.97464209
    >Hammerhead being THIS much of a jobber
    Ya know? I used to like Slott...I really did.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)15:59:46 No.97464378
    >"I'm being a bully?!"
    Pete you Are a bully i thought that was obvious after all these years

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)16:03:08 No.97464433
    Spider-man bullied so many villains & heroes, he is indeed a menace for our society !

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)16:03:36 No.97464441
    Doesn't Killer Shriek shoot literal sound blasts? Why is he jobbing?

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)16:09:47 No.97464552
    The way Flash and Peter regard the symbiote feels off.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)16:13:04 No.97464634
    Flash isn't that stupid, come on.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)16:28:46 No.97464921
    It's especially weird because in every other street-level comic they make a big deal about their being a "power vacuum" in the crime world. Black Cat is supposed to be one of the biggest players yet here she's afraid of some families we've never heard of?

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)16:29:01 No.97464930
    I swear to god if Andi doesn't end up re-powered in some fashion by the end of this...

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)16:31:12 No.97464985
    Peter' being a humongous ass on this arc, but at least he backed down end.
    That's something I guess.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)16:42:00 No.97465203
    >>Scorpion transformation
    Laziest writing ever.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)16:48:08 No.97465302
    Price specifically said he was curious what would happen if he infected someone who still had bits of the symbiote in him. I guess the traces of symbiote plus the spit are enough for a mostly full symbiote.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)16:51:11 No.97465361
    >>Black Cat rumors
    And why didn't he try to verify those rumors? Why didn't the cops?

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)16:54:55 No.97465427
    Did you forget Peter lost his company and is living at Bobbi’s apartment? Black Cat has been Miles’ problem for awhile now.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)16:56:22 No.97465452
    >You lost me.
    Spider-Man's origin was him not stepping in to stop a criminal when he had the chance, and then that criminal got away and killed his uncle. It was his responsibility for not using his power when he should have.
    Same applies here, if Spider-Man knows that a criminal is somewhere but doesn't try to stop them, he's basically responsible if they do anything.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)17:15:50 No.97465793
    For a crossover that’s supposed to star Eddie, he’s barely in this issue, and the Venom book has been exploring their relationship and how much they care for one another, but they just threw all that away in a minute. Can’t tell if it’s Slott or Costa to blame

    A Plague of Rats !qMH.WZ/6NI 12/13/17(Wed)17:22:44 No.97465924
    What is this wannabe Capullo garbage art? What happened to Stegman?

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)17:25:23 No.97465967
    Spider-man issues focus on Spider-man. Venom issues focus on Venom. Flash gets featured in both.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)17:40:07 No.97466278
    I'd almost be worried for them if Flash wasn't the bane of every symbiote's existence right now. He just needs to tap them and they'll reel in pain.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)17:45:36 No.97466409
    >>97462018 (OP)
    Peter's mostly a real ass when he's written incredibly poorly.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)20:03:11 No.97469075▶
    &^%$, will Peter just &^%$ing tell Flash he's Spider-Man already?

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)20:07:35 No.97469144
    Flash finding out that Peter is Spidey was one of the reasons why I loved Battleworld: Spider-Island so much, that and Iron Goblin

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)20:14:03 No.97469253
    Tell me again why Peter still wants to kill the symbiote just because it's an "alien organism", even after its fully proven that its a sentient intelligent being. Since when Peter is a xenophobe? Kill the symbiote just because? Even after it renounced its vendetta against him? That's just poor writing, something against Peter's character.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)20:21:36 No.97469391
    Probably because no one really got as close to killing not only Peter, but everyone that he loves

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)20:26:06 No.97469472
    Shouldn't he feel the same way about Eddie?

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)20:29:17 No.97469534
    He usually does hate Eddie, but I think he feels more responsible for how Eddie turned out

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)20:29:54 No.97469547
    I don't remember Peter going after Norman to put a bullet on his head... or Otto for stolen his body and all shenanigans

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)20:43:58 No.97469829
    Where exactly do I start reading to learn about anti venom if I know nothing about him past the name?

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)20:46:13 No.97469867
    Amazing Spider-Man New Ways to Die, Anti-Venom New Ways to Live, and Spider-Island. It was Eddie Brock at arguably his best and he was criminally underused. Kinda disappointed they just gave the mantle to Flash. He doesn’t deserve it at all.

    Anonymous 12/13/17(Wed)22:14:56 No.97471594
    The Flash/ Peter banter was cool but the rest was trash.

    Anonymous 12/14/17(Thu)07:49:33 No.97477874
    No One Dies except this living goo creature

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