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Subj: Re: CBR speculation about Amazing #800
Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 at 06:52:22 am EST (Viewed 266 times)
Reply Subj: Re: CBR speculation about Amazing #800
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You make interesting points, however as they stated or perhaps I should say ALLEGEDLY stated when the Mephisto Mindwipe was done

"Shut up! It's magic, we don't have to explain it!"

Oh wait, it looks like Joe Q DID make that statement,

go through the list of tropes to "A wizard Did it"

Basically OMD/OMIT/Mephisto Mindwipe completely messed up 20+ years of Spider history, and now it is 10 years later so you just know that if it is undone that there will be some seriously negative results

1. By all rights, aunt May and Harry should be dead.

2. May will never have married Jameson Sr.

3. Peter's ID could be public again unless he goes to Dr. Strange and since now the spell would not have been cast as OMD/OMIT wouldn't have happened, it could be cast and the mindwipe occurs. Or Peter uses the reality gem or mind gem....or cosmic cube

4. Osborn and Brock/Venom symbiote would know again

5. Other people/villains that didn't know might be able to "connect the dots/do the math"

6. What about the girlfriends Peter had during the era of the Mephisto Mindwipe? What about any relations MJ had? Do they still count? Are they negated? Did they both commit adultery?

7. What about Peter's job? Did he still get to be with Horizon? Did he still get to have his own company only to lose it?

8. Also of course, did Peter still get possessed by Doc Ock and turned into the Allegedly Superior Spider-man?

What would be negated and what would be revised by the undoing of the Mephisto Mindwipe?

But then, to quote the less then great Joe Q: "Shut up! It's magic, we don't have to explain it!" ;\)

and remember everyone: divorce is bad, but dealing with the devil is ok!

If and... I mean IF... the marriage comes back, it could always be believed that it was a type of trial separation. At least that is what they could have people believe.

That takes care of the relationship status.

I'm not going to lie, I dropped spider0man three stories into Brand New Day, since I thought Peter was being written poorly. I have no deep knowledge except for a few issues of stories here and there, Renew your Vows, and Superior Spider-man. can't comment deeply.

However... it could be reveled that other relationships were sort of agents nudged my Mephisto to keep them apart. Or even his agents... Slott isn't known for great characterization, so there wouldn't be anything messy.

If they did go the trial separation route, with only one point to change,not much continuity would be hurt.

For that mater, didn't Mephisto make it so the Heroes ended up wiping minds of the world? Just keep that.

I think HArry's death should be final. I think him being brought back to life as a way to regress Peter is a cool idea. I think that being why Kraven was back as well is an idea. Sort of a psychological/spiritual push to undo the emotion, kraven Last Hunting him is what solidified the marriage in many minds.

You could also use such an idea as to why Peter was acting like a character from the Big Bang Theory... in the issues I read.

It was all to keep them apart.

Of course, given Marvel's claim that continuity was unchanged, there is no reason those returns wouldn't have happened.

Aunt May is a complicated one.

I would say all you really have to do, is have Pete and MJ remember, and then get remarried. The rest of the world may still forget. Mephisto said he wanted their marriage not an alternate reality. If Peter is still badly damaged by this reality (which PArker Industries may have done) He may leave it intact as a win, he is the devil.

Of course this robs us of an altercation where Aunt May is angry at Peter for rejecting a marriage SHE fought for, and spurning the woman she views as a daughter.

There is also the fact that in some Faustian stories, if the devil beaks the deal, the human gets to set the terms of how things are put right.

Of course, this is all meaningless. As much as I want the marriage back, adn yes there have been some strange coincidences that may seem like pushing it towards that, I don't believe it will.

I think Marvel and Slott want us to think so, to drive up sales.

Point is, is COULD be all put back together in a workable way, if thewriter has talent and skill.

And yes, it will probably work on me, and there is an almost a full decade of missing spider-stories in my collection.

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