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Subj: Re: Ben Reilly #13
Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 at 04:17:02 pm EST (Viewed 241 times)
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    So, is that it for the Slingers? They're just done now? Issue #13 kind of felt like everyone is going their own way, except for when Dusk wants to tell Ben about Mysterio. Hopefully that is enough of a hook to keep the Slingers (or at least Dusk) around.

That's probably the last we will see of them. Peter David's no lover of the Slingers. I don't think he even knew who they were until some editor told him about them recently. None of the characters were really developed during this storyline IMO.

    It just felt kind of random. Hornet is replaced by Cyber, of all people, who gets away. Black Marvel was really a demon who offered to tutor the Slingers, but he got dissolved in holy water. Will either of these hooks come back into play? Is the Diogenes Project an ongoing thing?

I assume the Diogenes plot will resurface...but I have zero interest in it.

Prodigy sees a bald white guy with super strength and assumes he's part of some top secret organization on that alone. Lame.

    I just got to the end and said "huh." I shrugged my shoulders, and started into my stack of Soule's Daredevil issues...

I love Ben Reilly as a character but I haven't really been enjoying this book. I haven't really enjoyed many of the guest stars and wish folks like Cyber and Mistress Death weren't in the book.

With the exception of Kaine none of the Guest Stars really have anything to do with Ben's past in the 90's.

There are tons of characters we could bring back to explore Ben's past.

1. Janine...the love of his life that's in prison for killing her molester father. And his baby momma in the MC2 timeline.

2. The New Warriors. Firestar's not jailbait anymore! Plus she's no longer with Justice.

3. Eddie he still hates Ben for the win he got.

4. Spidercide...where he at? No way that fall would kill him.

5. Kraven's son Vladimir. Pretty sure he got resurrected. (and whatever happened to Kraven's BFF Gregor that swore revenge for Vlad's death...and never did anything about it)

6. Betty Brant...there was some chemistry there.

7. The Daily Grind owner whose name I forget. Has she filled his old job yet? \:\)

8. Jacob Raven...the cop who hunted Ben for years

I would also like Ben to meet Desiree Winthrop again or Jessica Carradine.

And I really hope he will go back to blonde.

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