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Subj: Re: I have a horrible feeling....
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That Dan Slott has brought MJ into his last Spider-Man story just to kill her off. This is a story featuring Norman Osborn - responsible for Gwen's death and Carnage a mass murderer. And it would be just Slott's style to "Go out with a bang" and do something controversial as a final act. Whichever deity is listening, please let me be wrong!

The way I see it, it depends on what kind of person you think Slott is.

One of two things are going through his mind...

1. MArvel's desperate, I can bring the marriage back, and even my harshest critics will love me.

2. I am going to give one last "F. you" to to those fans who have been bugging me, and kill MJ.

Which type of person do you think Slott is?

The solicit for #800 asks "who dies?" That is what made me think it was MJ dying... however, it could theoretically by Aunt May dying as a result of the deal being reversed.

The greatest mystery in comics right now is, who is Dan Slott?