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Subj: Re: I may be proven wrong but, currently, I don't believe it for one second. IMO, it would be too on the nose.
Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 at 09:59:21 pm EST (Viewed 376 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I may be proven wrong but, currently, I don't believe it for one second. IMO, it would be too on the nose.
Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 at 12:40:34 pm EST (Viewed 383 times)

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    Let us also not rule out that Norman himself could be the one to die.

    He has now merged with Carnage, taught Carnage the joy of savoring the kill slowly vs. rapid kills and moving to the next target, Carnage has purged him of ock's nanotech, and now he wants to juice himself up with the the goblin serum knowing it will affect the symbiote too.

I wouldn't mind Norman being dead (again). I think that the Legacy of the Green Goblin was much more threatening than Norman Osborn himself.

I was both a fan of the 1st Hobgoblin and, when JMDematteis wrote the book, I was also a fan of Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin.

I think that they were much scarier than Norman Osborn himself for two opposite reasons :
- because Spider-Man didn't know who the Hobgoblin really was and couldn't guess what he would do.
- because Peter Parker really cared about Harry Osborn and he was deeply hurt that Harry had become his enemy.

The Hobgoblin was the heir of the Green Goblin of the Steve Ditko period : a crime boss with a secret identity.
Harry was the heir of the Green Goblin of the John Romita period : an insane villain who knew Peter's identity.

Still, these two storylines had to have a conclusion:
- the secret dies once the identity of the Hobgoblin is known and after that, he is only a villain with a Goblin costume (that's why Roger Stern decided to retire Kingsley in the last story that he wrote about him).
- Harry cannot endlessly torment Peter. He has to die or to forget what happened.

On the contrary, since the Clone Saga, I have been constantly bored by Norman Osborn's tame plans. His moment of glory was also his swan song : none of his new plans will ever top the death of Gwen Stacy, even if he kills another supporting character.

I think that Dan Slott bonded Norman Osborn with the Carnage symbiote to create, for his final story, the closest equivalent to the Joker that we'll ever see in a Marvel comic book. In my opinion, he only did it for that.

Who dies ? Hmmm ... is it certain that Norman Osborn would be the killer ?
I don't know if Dan Slott would do it but the scariest event that could happen in a Spidey book would be if Normie & Stanley kill someone because of Norman Osborn/Carnage. It would be like something out of Halloween (Michael Myers when he was a child) and the Omen (Damien Thorn).

Hobgoblin was good when he was created as no one knew who he was and that he was someone who adapted Osborn's legacy rather then copy it. No one knew what he would do next and he was a ruthless killer before becoming Hobgoblin.

Roger Stern did well when he created the character.

Norman was brought back only because they needed SOMEONE to be the villain to end Clone Saga 2, and what a mess that storyline became. Then came the stupidity of Osborn being behind what happened to Aunt May and that she was really still alive.

Osborn is better off dead or at least going into a coma for the next 20+ years in real life. Now he is becoming a bigger monster then ever, and the only way to stop him may be to use terminal force.

So yes, let us chalk up Osborn as a candidate to die.

Aunt May: well whether the Mephisto Mindwipe is negated or nor she also could die during Osborn's rampage. in fact, her death may hurt Peter more then MJ's would.

J. Jonah Jameson: can someone just kill this narrow minded, arrogant bigot already? any humor he once brought into the franchise with his dogmatic ways and myopic viewpoint of the world has long since grown stale. Either kill him or give him a stroke that puts him in a coma for a few years.

MJ: well killing her off or else not negating the Mephisto Mindwipe would be a GIGANTIC MIDDLE FINGER TO ALL THE FANS, just like ONE MORE DAY/OMIT/MEPHISTO MINDWIPE was in the first place! So yeah, bring it on Marvel! ALIENATE THE FANS EVEN MORE!

Harry Osborn? nah let him live to clean up the legacy of his nut case father.