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Subj: IMO, the main problem of BND is that ...
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So as I understand it, the official story of One More Day was that nothing in our established continuity changed other than that Peter and MJ didn't actually say "I do". So presumably after their aborted wedding, they went on to live like a married couple for years and never mentioned the reasons why they didn't marry. We all know that doesn't add up, so here are a few questions:

Did Peter still unmask during Civil War?

If so, did Kingpin still go after Peter, May and Mary Jane?

Was May actually shot and then made a miraculous recovery? What does May remember about this, considering she lost her memory of Peter's identity? Would she have any idea why she, Peter and MJ were on the run and living in a motel when she was shot through the window?

How did Peter and Mary Jane actually split up (considering that they were, according to the official story, a couple at least until the Mephisto deal)?

If I recall correctly, after the Mephisto deal there was a one-year time skip. What do we know about what happened in that year? I believe in that year Peter, Reed and Strange got the identity genie back in the bottle, and Harry came out as alive after all. Anything else?

... Mephisto erased the wedding because the next step would have been the birth of a new daughter (not May, who was already dead on Earth-616 but Annie as revealed in the Renew Your Vows timeline).

So, a small change in the past triggered a huge change in the near future.

It is obvious that Mephisto doesn't care about the wedding itself. So we are led to believe that he wanted to erase Annie from the Earth-616 reality.

The direct result of the aborted weddding is that Annie won't get born and that it will be for the benefit of Mephisto.

Here is the problem : none of the specialists (Strange, Clea, Hellstrom, Drumm, Illyana, Szardos, Sefton, Druid, Harkness, Kale, Topaz, Talisman, Roma ... ) noticed that Mephisto had tampered with our reality's timeline.
We don't know what Mephisto's plan was really about. Did he really care about destroying Annie or was there another issue that we are not aware of ?

Mephisto won a battle but we still don't know what the purpose of the battle was ...