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I've always looked at it this makes no sense!!. Mephisto can't just won't be married, but everything else will stay the same. Think about any event in your life (marriage/birth of child/job change/residence change/gain a friend/lose a friend/illness/death)...can you say that if you took out any one of those things...that the rest of your life would have happened the exact same way? Of course not. The only way to reconcile this (I feel) is to say the EVERYTHING from Amazing Spider-Man Giant-Sized Annual #21 (mid-way thru) to Amazing Spider-Man #546 (last few pages)....did not happen. Mephisto created an alternate time-line, most of which we have never actually seen. Some events could have happened the same way...most would be modified..and some just wouldn't have ever happened. There, I just saved everyone 20 1/2 years of comic book buying (also every characters continuity would be modified to some degree..unless they never encountered Spidey during the period).


They tried to explain it by saying that they still lived together, so everything happened minus the vows.

The problem is, as J.M. Dematteis once said, marriage and living with your girlfriend are not the same.

The weirdest part of all, is that if they hadn't changed continuity more than that one day(as Marvel claims)why is this the thing that splits them up?

In the end of the day, yes May getting shot is tragic, but weighed against the combined experiences of:
-losing a child
- May already seemingly dying in front of Peter
- Peter's nervous breakdown
- MJs stalker
- Venom pulling a Cape Fear
- Harry Osborn's craziness in the 90s
- Kraven burying him and taking his identity

doesn't it seem kind of like something Peter and MJ could accept and deal with, certainly mourn, but deal with?