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Subj: I totally agree about the death of Norman Osborn
Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 at 12:55:19 pm EST (Viewed 437 times)
Reply Subj: Character deaths that should not have been reversed and some characters that need to go
Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 at 11:30:00 am EST (Viewed 530 times)

In my opinion, Norman Osborn has done more damage as a memory than being alive.

Think about it : he killed Gwen Stacy and died just after.

How can you beat a phantasm ? What can you do against a memory ?

One of the most intereresting aspects of the Sam Raimi trilogy was the storyline of Harry Osborn. It was the common thread of the 3 movies and, it showed, elegantly, how the death of Norman Osborn was the reverse mirror of the death of Uncle Ben.

    Here's hoping issue #800 ends both him and Carnage but I doubt it.

I doubt it as well. There are too many fans who like that Norman is around.

Still, I like how Dan Slott portrays Osborn in the current story. He hasn't been this vicious in a very long time (for once, the Carnage symbiote is useful). The last time that I can remember, it was in Thunderbolts when Warren Ellis was the writer.