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Subj: Re: So if Baby May never existed...
Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 at 05:32:59 am EST (Viewed 370 times)
Reply Subj: Re: So if Baby May never existed...
Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 at 03:07:18 pm EST (Viewed 438 times)

    If Peter had neglected MJ and the baby died as a result of his preoccupation with being Spider-Man I could see that driving a wedge between them. But Norman made Peter just as much of a victim as MJ drugging Peter while MJ was in labor and Peter seeing Ben get killed like he did. I think MJ would be pretty crappy to want to break up with Peter after Ben's sacrifice and just the sheer trauma Peter went through losing Ben and the baby and to then lose the marriage.

Actually, I've seen a lot of couples break up for much less than that and nobody was to blame. There is so much that you can take before deciding that it is over. It doesn't mean that MJ should be the only one who decides to go away or that she leaves him without explanation. It means that they decide together that it is over.

    The sad fact is it wasn't easy to extricate Peter from the marriage. Peter and MJ had a strong marriage that survived a dead baby, the death of relatives, stalkers, MJ's smoking habit, Peter's career, a lack of money. They were just not that easy to break up IMO. MJ was just a damn good wife all in all.

I think that it would have been much better for both characters if Marvel had not cheated by using hocus pocus to erase their marriage.

I can accept a story about two persons deciding to break up. It is only life. Maybe, it would have started as an even bigger controversy among fans and, perhaps, they would have lost more readers at first.

But, in the long run, it would have been easier to refresh the Spider-Man book and go into different directions.

Instead, a decade after, we are left with the uneasy feeling that the two characters accepted to erase their wedding to please Mephisto of all people.

The two characters still broke up (so the final result is the same) but here is the paradox : they are fully responsible (MJ accepted Mephisto's proposal) without being fully responsible (they are not aware anymore that they were married but most readers know that they were !)

We are still talking about the topic although it happened 10 years ago.

What was the lesser evil ?
MJ & Peter both deciding that Spider-Man ruined their marriage and MJ starting a new life because they both agreed that's the best thing to do.
Or, Mephisto ?

I think that it would have been much more clever if it had been a true divorce.
Peter Parker would have been the first main superhero to do that.
Media would have talked about it.
A lot of fans would have been very angry.
But, in the long run, the characters would have been stronger because no third party would have been involved in the process.

One of the main problems is that OMD made Peter & MJ weaker characters and they never healed from this event.

For example, Superior Spider-Man. The only way that Dan Slott made the comic book evolve was to temporarily replace Peter Parker by one of his oldest enemies.

Dan Slott didn't make Otto Octavius a stronger character than Peter Parker. Octavius was still an arrogant megalomaniac whose notion of superheroism borders on fascism.

Dan Slott used Octavius to go on unchartered territory. Suddenly, things were fresh anew (BTW, it is Octavius who broke up with MJ once & for all !)

Suddenly, Spider-Man is dating a little person, Anna Maria Marconi (who is one of my favorite new comics characters by the way).

Dan Slott shocked a part of the readers ? Fine. It made them very angry ? Fine.
It was over-the-top & nearly absurd ? Absolutely !
... but things moved forward ! Suddenly, the book & the main character were no longer frozen in post-OMD paralysis.
Guess what ? It sold.

Not only am I a fan of Doc Ock but also I had again this old 1980s & 1990s feeling when the book could be, well, a comic book.

And yet, I like Peter & MJ when they were together. I really do ! But a decade later, longtime fans are still talking about OMD and its consequence on Peter Parker.

So when there was this parenthesis with Doc Ock, I bought again the comics because, for once, it was about something really new.

There is one truth about stories is that you cannot build them on morality, good feelings and global happiness. Something has to be ruined at one time or another, whether by villains, drama & tragedy, new twists & turns of events.

I really wish that, at one time or another, Marvel would have had the guts to do the divorce of Peter & MJ. At least, it would be over, 10 years after.

On the contrary, we are still in a reality where we feel that things should be different because, to begin with, it was Mephisto who was responsible of the whole thing.

Also, even though Dan Slott isn't one of my top favorite writers, I don't understand why so many people blame him about Peter not dating MJ, when it was JMS who write the OMD story.

Not only that but JMS also wrote Gwen Stacy having sex with Norman Osborn.

So, if I sum up : thanks to JMS, MJ made a deal with Mephisto & Gwen had sex with the Green Goblin ... I think that, maybe, it is really time that Peter dates somebody else and I don't mind if Peter is single and no longer married.

Actually, let's have him date twin sisters at the same time ! At least, it will be fun. \:\-\)

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