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Subj: Re: Do you think DOOMSDAY CLOCK will address Pre-Crisis Superman?
Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 at 11:58:10 pm EDT (Viewed 121 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Do you think DOOMSDAY CLOCK will address Pre-Crisis Superman?
Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 at 05:49:05 pm EDT (Viewed 146 times)

    It is easy to call Geoff Johns on a seeming antipathy to the Superman of the Pre-1986 era,

I don't think Johns has antipathy toward it himself; I think DC Comics has long had ambivalence about it and preferred to act gloss over it and almost act like it didn't happen; or at worst totally mis-characterize it.

If anything, it's just an inability to understand it. Even Waid, who does understand it, couldn't (or wasn't allowed) to properly translate it in Birthright; which ultimately was a weak-tea Byrne/TV show Smallville hybrid. It couldn't turn the corner and bring the character back to something primal and pure.

    but as I've pointed out before even if the Crisis had never happened Superman today would never be the same book, or setting, that we were reading in the late seventies and early eighties.

Well, of course. No book is the same going over a long enough time span.

So yes, if Crisis/Reboot didn't happen then Superman books would still have changed over time obviously.

The questions is HOW they would have changed. I believe that if Byrne did his stories without his total reboot things would be different. It was Byrne's reboot of the origin/character that changed some FUNDAMENTAL THINGS BIG TIME!

But if that reboot didn't happen, I believe the character as we know him from Pre-Crisis would have remained more in tact; without all the "farmboy" and "clark is who I am" stuff becoming front and center; among several other things. Further, it could have prevented such a divided fanbase.

Batman changed after Crisis/Miller, but his fanbase was never divided because his pre-crisis history was held in tact. It was very much and very clearly the "same guy." With Superman, it wasn't clear at all.

Also, w/Batman they made him TOUGHER and the REAL GUY so his fans naturally could get behind that. W/Superman, they made him WEAKER and just COSTUME in various ways and some fans were never totally comfortable w/it.

I remember one early post-Crisis letter writer describing it as Rambo-izing Batman and Donahue-izing Superman; to use the 80s jargon of the time.

Batman got the better deal, IMO.

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