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Subj: Re: Do you think DOOMSDAY CLOCK will address Pre-Crisis Superman?
Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 at 06:19:22 pm EDT (Viewed 105 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Do you think DOOMSDAY CLOCK will address Pre-Crisis Superman?
Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 at 04:16:16 am EDT (Viewed 114 times)

    Which is almost certainly why the nuclear option of Crisis on Infinite Earths was eventually dictated - to ensure a real change DID happen. And that this time it would have to be adapted to.

The need for change is definitely a driving force behind the nuclear option; however, with Superman, there was in no small part the desire to shed his weighty history and continuity. Superman not being Superboy, having no Kryptonian connections, no Krypto, no Supergirl, meant for a much, much easier lift. . .and most writers, editors, creators, etc. agreed that Superman was not an easy character to approach.

The trouble with the nuclear option? You can only do it once, which is while it was successful, it was a device that could not be used with efficacy more than once. QED the repeated attempts at trying to reboot Superman that could never equal what was done in 1986, just as Superman vs Doomsday was also a watershed and singular moment.

The big difference in Marvel's approach was that they didn't burn down the barn to build it up. Bruce Banner was in control of the Hulk, Jim Rhodes became Iron Man, Spider-Man changed his outfit, which was alive, unbeknownst to him. Beta Ray Bill showed he was also worthy, and Ragnarok brought the "death of Odin". None of these storylines closed off the history of the character. Instead of burning down the house, Marvel made additions which could be accessed, or not, in the future. Superman was placed on a path that could only lead to one outcome, and when change was needed once more, they couldn't execute it. They still cannot execute it.

Imagine a writer who is actually interested in Superman's Kryptonian heritage if only for the technology. The amount of stories that could be mined, and so easily. Instead, the Fortress of Solitude is a shinier version of the Batcave, and the advanced science of Krypton seems staid. There is no need to imagine of such advancements, because Superman has little connection to it. Adventures in space or other dimensions are limited, as Dc wants Superman to be grounded, even if he runs aground in doing so. Instead of compelling villains, we're given shock value situations with Jor-El, Superboy Prime, and Lex Luthor wanting to be a hero. Much was gained by the reboot, but even more was forgotten, and done so purposefully.

Again, change was needed, and change will be continually needed, but I do hope DC has learned its lesson with going nuclear after 2011. I would like to see DC tap writers for Superman who have BIG ideas, and no fear of the character. . .but also have an understanding of him as well. There is no need of desconstruction, or shock value. It goes to what Elliot S! Maggin has said about Superman: "You've all the power in the world. Now, what do you do with it?"

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