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Subj: Re: Just answer these simple questions. . .
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Reply Subj: Just answer these simple questions. . .
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    1) Is post-crisis Superman a transformed pre-crisis Superman?

    2) If so, how?

Broadly speaking Yes, I explained up above. But cast your mind back to the 1986-88 years, we saw at the end of the Crisis that the remaining earth's were Earth's 1 & 2, Earth-Shazam, Earth-Charlton, and Earth-x. And out of those earth's we know only 1 & 2 had a Superman, hence the revised Superman being a merged result of the histories of Earth's 1&2 and presumably influences of the other earths. This new earth is largely a consolidation of the histories of those five earths, we see the duly revised Captain Atom and Blue Beetle for example, we gradually meet the revised Captain Marvel family, and the Justice Society, Freedom Fighters, All-Star Squadron, and Infinity Inc are all also folded into this new timeline. There is new stuff obviously, but the gist was that the new Superman and friends were a reworked version of the Earth-1 set up... with influences of the early chapters of Earth-2 Superman being especially evident to see in the early life of the modern Clark Kent and Superman.

    3) If not, what happened/where is pre-crisis Superman?

    4) Did any silver/bronze age Superman story take place or was it all erased?

As with Batman's past adventures large swathes were either erased or rewritten. We saw however in Action Comics #650 that a good deal of the early Justice League adventures remained intact for Superman, the Year One annuals and subsequent Fourth World stories reaffirmed that the Jack kirby stories in 'Jimmy Olsen' still happened, there was Walt Simonson's retelling of the famous 'Sandman' Kryptonite No More' storyline in 1992, and come 2008 Geoff Johns essentially rewrites the post-crisis Superman as being partly the result of The Time Trapper stepping in in the wake of the Crisis to erase Superman's career as Superboy... which makes some sense, as if John Byrne had had second thoughts in 1986 and kept the Superboy years then by virtue his adult 'Superman' would be somewhat different. For instance when we see the world-travelling Clark kent save the Space plane and soon after become Superman he is aged 25. By the time Superman #1 comes along he is aged 28. Just Three years in service therefore, which makes for a very narrow window in which to establish himself as Superman before the 'classic' rogues gallery is (re)introduced - enter Metallo, Prankster, Brainiac, Mxyzptlk, etc etc. Presumably then a Superboy career would have moved his debut back to the traditional age 20 or thereabouts. In theory at least.
As it was we had a modernday retelling of the Earth-2 farmboy's eventual debut as an adult Superman - he never was Superboy

    5) If it's all erased, then why did post-Crisis Superman have pre-Crisis memories of the justice league, the titans, the COIE, etc?

In the rewritten history the Anti-Monitor still attacked the universe, but only the Universe, as there were no alternate earths anymore in this new reality. And this then is the version that Superman and other heroes remember.

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